Middle name for "Jonah"?

I'm looking for a cool middle name to go with Jonah. Something having to do with water or music would be good, maybe from another language...? Help.Answers:  

h Finn (as in a fish fin..not sure if you find that cheesy, I find it cool!)
Jonah Oceano (Oceano is Italian for "ocean")
Orca - (you know, the whale story and all that).
My sons Name is Jonah Avery. Means ruler of the woods.
Jonah Jazz
Jonah Wave
Jonah Tide

h Aldo
I like gage...the first letter of your last name would be helpful as far as flow goes. So far Jonah Gage sounds cool.. or crest,like the crest of a wave. Jonah Crest. Could you imagine if he had a killer smile,was a pro surfer and had that name?! Holy poster boy,batman!
It ought to be something bibical

Jonah David
Jonah Gabriel

h James
Jonah Jeremiah
Jonah Zachariah
Jonah Jay

celebrate- Fin is short for Finbar or (Finnbar) i like that name
i dunno about Jonah Finbar ? i guess its okay, Jonah Fin? nah, to cheesy
Jonah Forte
Jonah Rivere

h Rio
I like Onyx for a boys middle name.

Maybe L'eau ( water in French) or Wasser( Water in German)
Jonah Liam
Jonah Urbin

h Patrick
Jonah Ashton
Jonah Bradyn

h Dimitri
Jonah Brody
Jonah Michail
Jonah Pavlo

h Valerii

I am from Russia so all of these names are Central-European.
Good Luck!
Jonah Andrew
The suggestion of Jonah Blue Sounds cool!
Jonah River could be nice right?
Jonah Cash

h Matteo
Jonah River
Is it a boy or a Girl??
Jonah Lonas or Jonah Joshua.
Jonah Lyric ?
Jonah Sea
Something to do with music? how about lyric? I think Jonah Lyric sounds neat!

Jonah Blue sounds good to, that is a great idea!

Jonah means peace

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