Are there any home remedies for abortion?


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coat hangers and a good ole fasion dc marten to the belly. jokeing there are no home remedies
good God, NO!
I have heard of many horror stories of failed in home abortions. It can kill the mother. The baby can still be born but with major life long problems.
Don't even think about it ! Go to a planned parenthood clinic, they will help you.
there are but they are dangerous and often fatal. i wouldn't bother. if you can, PLEASE try to see a doctor to handle it.
ADOPTION...are you crazy, how could you even think that about YOUR CHILD, you should be ashamed of yourself. Talk to your DR. and a pschologists, and a pastor, priest, etc. You really need some mental help. Next time get your tubes tied or use a condom and the pill.
If you mean 'are there any ways for inducing an abortion at home' then NO! there isn't a single one that is safe and certain. Heaven only knows how many women have died, been rendered infertile, or otherwise suffered by trying on to bring on an abortion.

Can't you get hold of the 'morning after' pill locally, assuming that intercourse took place within 24-48 hours? If not, and you live in one of those states that manages to love the death penalty and hate abortion (how strange that the two often go together) then I hope you can find your way to one that gives you the freedom of choice.

Every child should be a wanted child, conceived and born in love. I wasn't, and nor were any of my siblings - my mother made that crystal clear - and even at age 40 my sister hasn't got over it.

Just to anticipate a couple more arguments: probably about one-third of all conceptions are spontaneously aborted, and I don't believe that the Church gave conditional baptism to sanitary protection just-in-case even when it believed that unbaptised souls went to Limbo. The conceptus doesn't have anything remotely resembling human feelings or a nervous system until at least 24 weeks; and although the anti-choice brigade will say that some can survive if born at that age, almost certainly it will be to a permanently damaged existence.

will more than likely end up dead or damaging yourself forever.
How can people in this day and age even think such a thing.
Go to your doctor and get advice. I do not believe in abortion and the other person who said babies born at 24 weeks have huge problems needs to go to a local womens hospital and see that a huge amount of babies born at 24 weeks have grown up to be healthy with no lasting problems.
Adoption is a better choice or fostering the child out until you can handle being a mum.

e are plenty of married couples who CANNOT conceive a child and who want one so bad. You will get paid for having the baby for a couple.. That means Dr. Bills paid in full and a couple of thousand for you, yourself.

Don't have an abortion!!

it up for adoption or be a MOM and take care of what you created.

Good luck. Do the right thing!!
please dont!
dont kill your baby he has no guilt, if you abort ,it has been proved that you get severe phycological traumas by the obvious reason that you are murdering your own indefense child, (even though many people dont accept it), in many cases you may not be able to have more children because your womb is hurt.

and please I beg you CHOOSE LIFE !!!!
If you attempt an abortion at home, you may or may not kill your baby and you may or may not kill yourself. If you are thinking about abortion, please visit as soon as possible.
why abortion its not the baby's problem that your having its yours because you didn't keep your legs closed so why kill it that's like blaming it for something it didn't think about that just have it and give it up!!!!!
It's sad so many people judge not having walked a mile in your shoes. I don't know if it works all the time but my sister got knocked up one of many times and decided on a home abortion. She consulted a widwife and was actually told that early in the preg. 1st or 2nd month to drink a bottle of hard liqour and castor oil. It worked for her but I don't know what the actual percentage rates are.

People, don't be so quick to judge or pass your beliefs on others!

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