Can shemales get girls pregnant i always see them where condoms?


But yes - males who dress as females but have not had undergone surgery (either vasectomy or reconstructive) could get a girl pregnant. Hormone replacement therapy (taking increased female hormone - estrogen) will result in bodily changes as well (such as growing breasts, higher voice) but would not suggest it as a reliable method of b/c.
I assume you are referring to transwomen, or male-to-female transgender or transexual people. However, the word shemale is usually used to denote that the individual has yet to initiate any genital reassignment surgery. You should also be aware that the word shemale could be considered offense to some of these individuals.

A transwoman is a person who is biologically identified as male at birth, but later strongly believes this to be the wrong gender assignment.

Assuming that we are not addressing other variables in the situation, the answer would be yes - it is possible for a "shemale" to impregnate a woman.

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"Shemale" is an offensive term. Male, female, transwoman, transman - choose one. "Shemale" is rude.

Someone who is in transition and has not undergone the removal of a penis can still impregnate a woman who fully functions. They wear condoms because they don't want to catch or spread disease, which is why you should wear one too.

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