My 10 year old still poops his pants. Any advice?

He is wide awake when he does this. He knows it's wrong and his mom and I have yelled, spanked and grounded him. Is he so pathetically lazy that he would rather walk around with a crap filled *** than go to the bathroon. I'm at my wits end with the kid.Answers:  

you question him about what he does, whether you sound like it or not, it can make him feel like he is a baby, and hopefully he doesn't want to feel that way. Just make it sound a lot like a normal conversation with no accented words or large ones for his vocabulary.

Moving along, if there has been any changes in things done around the house (i.e. new hours/job(s) for mom/dad, new neighbors, or other things), it might contribute to this new behavior. Don't talk down upon him for doing this but at the same time make sure he knows that children of his age do not perform this act.

Possible solutions:

1) Make HIM clean his own underwear - in doing so he will be (hopefully) disgusted by having to clean up after himself shortly after you implement this suggestion.

3) Take him to see a doctor, it is possible that there might be something wrong with the muscle that effects his bowel movements. It may also be possible that it is just weak and you might just have to work with him on strenghtening that muscle.

4) I don't normally recommend this last one, but because of his age it might work effectively. The reason I don't normally recommend this last one is because if used it has a 50/50 chance of some psychological problems ensueing afterwards. It might cause more problems than solve. But my suggestion is to use a scare tactic on him. In his case, the scare tactic would be that you would put him back into diapers. Tell him that if he doesn't start acting his age when it comes to the toilet, then he will have to wear them 24/7. Hopefully, if everything goes according to plan, he will stop this infantile act and your laundry load will be smaller.

uld serious advise you to take him to a counselor.
I friend of mine's son was crapping in his pants and it turned out to be a kid that was bullying him at school.
He was eight.

h love isn't always the answer.
I must add, I'm a firm believer in discipline and punishment, but if a child feels unloved in that area, your discipline is just going to aggravating the condition.

He is your son.

sed an enema for a couple of weeks as well as Metamucil shakes for a month or so; things started to kickstart on their own after that.
Don't beat the poor kid. I bet he is sick. I say the next time you take him to the doctor you should mention that. Don't beat him for pooping in his pants. That's really horrible. Maybe he can't help it. My firend Sara stopped pooping in her pants when she was 15. Surprisingly she stopped and turned out OK. Also, when I was 9 and still peed in bed, my father would make me clean the matress, it was pretty bad. I guess it worked because I get up in the middle of the night now to go to the bathroom because I don't want to have to clean up the matress. I don't believe that your son is lazy because it must be embarassing for him.
Sounds to me he might need to see someone on a professional basis.A ten year old doing this seems to be more than a laziness issue,a lot more.There may be some deep-seeded reason he is acting out this way.I would seek help right away.Best of luck.
one time I watched my boyfriends cousin at the time he was 10 years old and he was just sitting there then all of a sudden he goes I pooped my pants I was like well don't expect me to clean it up your old enough to do it yourself and made him clean his underwear and hiself and he never did it again around me kids don't want to clean that up as much as you don't
Show him love in all manners and you need to wake him up to go to the bathroom in the mid-night cause this will reduce the pressure on his bowl in the morning.
If he is normal in all other aspects, then this is a behavioral problem and he needs professional help. even a toddler will remove their own diaper when it is dirty.
Take him to the doctor - he may have a condition called Encopresis - which is when someone has bowel movements but doesn't feel them.
OMG that is so crazy that he does that at 10 years old and he could care less, right? Wow!! My 10 month old son moves around and cries when he goes poop in his diaper, he wants it changed right away. Take him to a doctor and if there is no medical reason for it, keep taking away things he loves most until he knocks the crap out. lol
something is going on in his life that he has no control over;when things are going on in your head or body;all the name calling and grounding is not going to help;;;;;;;;; he needs to go to a dr, as it;s a doctor problem; not a parent making their kid feel worthen he feels already;;;;;my son is 10 yrs old 'and that's a hard age to go thru;even if every thing is great..get him to a doctor;as soon as possible,,,,
All I can say is hopefully he will grow out of it. Or may be he has a bowl probably that is why he doesn't make it in time. Some times my 7 year old does not make it in time but he will change his clothes right away.
My son is 10 as well and we just had an experience in school recently. The principal called me at work to tell me that my son stepped in another kids poop and tracked it through the classroom. He wanted me to know before my son came home to tell me this "far out" story and me not believe him.

He said this isn't the first time the kid has messed his pants and just walked around school like nothing happened. Only this time it fell out his pant leg and he never bothered to tell anyone.

e must be something more to it. If I were you, I'd sit him down and have a looong talk with him to find out if something is going on. And if that doesn't' work take him to see a doctor.
Could be a condition known as encopresis, see a doctor.
he needs to be talked to not spanked! but 10 is pritty old
OK he is 10 years old now he is not a baby he probably wants to play as a baby. NO T.V. for him! probably there is something wrong with him. I think he has somthing i do not what knid
Yelled, spanked and grounded him. Mmm hmm.

Why haven't you taken him to the doctor to find out what the problem is? Something is definitely wrong, here. Your son needs some help with this.

Your doctor may be able to do tests, etc. Or, at least refer you to a specialist or a counselor.

Don't automatically assume that your son is at fault. He may not be able to control this.
it certainly isn't a good sign that you are on the web calling your own child "pathetically lazy." maybe you are a big part of the problem. I really hope you do not talk to your child this way. He is trying to get attention from you (and it sounds like he is accoustomed to negative attention--which is better than no attention at all). Why don't you try kind words, hugs, and therapy for you.
Let him sit in it for a while, or call up some of his friends, and let them start joking on him. Nothings worst the peer pressure.
Have you seen your pediatrician about this problem? If not, that should be your first priority. A medical or psychological problem might be the root of the problem.

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