Should kids drink or eat anything when throwing up?


irlfriend also gave her kids crackers so that they wouldn't get the dry heaves. I'm not so sure that's a good idea--if the stomach wants to be empty, you might be causing them to throw up. I'd offer them, though, and let the child decide.

If you child can't keep anything down for, say, 24 hours, take them to the doctor (emergency room if necessary) for rehydration. Dehydration can kill you, and little kids don't have that much fluid in them in the first place. Use your judgment; you might not want to wait 24 hours. But also, there's no need to panic. I have 7 kids and they've only needed it once or twice.
no way dude. if you keep feeding them that crap while their sick they'll stay sick!
No. You should wait a half hour afterwards and then try dry toast in very small amounts and de-fizzed gingerale in small amounts. If they get sick again, start over. After they have kept down those, you can add crackers or chicken noodle soup...again in small amounts. A good nect food is apple sauce. If you eat too soon after being sick, your body thinks it didn't get it all out and "finishes up." Avoid milk, juice, etc.
you should give them sips of water as they dont dehydrate or give them ice cubes to suck dont give them food just bring it back up hope better soon
A little bit of mint can help stop any throwing up. LIke a mint Tums is a good example.
clear liquids to keep them hydrated...water, ginger ale, light tea but no foods!
yessss. try giving the kid some saltine crackers only a few like 3 every 15 min or so. give them a cup of water with a straw and make sure they only take small sips. (depending on how old, it might help to give it to them in a sippy cup or a bottle so they get a small amount at a time.)

It might help if you get ice out of the ice cube tray, put the cubes in a zip lock bag close it and smash it on the counter so you have little ice chips. give the kid a few in a cup at a time and have them suck on one ice chip at a time. (he can have as many as he wants but it just helps him keep everything slow if you only give him a few at a time.

once its been a few hours since hes thrown up and seems to be doing a lot better you can try and let him have soup. not a lot tho.

Now I now this sounds gross but its tastes mom used to give me warm Jello, mix the jello (add the warm water) but then have the kid drink it. It's a bit thick so it coats a sore throat, has some sugar in it and keeps the kid from dehydration.

If that stays down then my suggestion and my mom's trick is feed bland food...white rice, piece of bread, crackers, NOTHING spicy, NO dairy, and NO juice (to acidy). Just do thing in small amount till they can handle more. These tricks may be old fashion but they work.
They MUST drink, dehydration is very, very bad.

Also be VERY cautious administering pain and fever reducers. Ibuprofen in particular can make vomiting much, much worse and if continued for a few days the damage can take days to heal. BTDT
They need fluids, try Pediolyte.
You know, they always say that you shouldn't, but last time I had the flu I had dry heaves really, really badly. I broke all the blood vessels in my face, so I looked like I had freckles. I found that if I drank warm, sweet tea, it was more comfortable to throw up. At least there was *something* on my stomach, you know? And I figured that since I was drinking, at least some of the liquid must be getting past my stomach to do me some good. The flu went away within 48 hours, so I don't think I would've gotten better any faster if I had quit eating and drinking altogether.

So, try a cup of warm, sweet tea (if they're old enough - my 18 month old daughter likes it, just make sure that it's decaf and that it isn't too hot - you should be able to drink it without sipping or blowing on it, and make sure you stir it well so there aren't unexpected "hot spots"), and see if they don't feel a little more comfortable, even if they are still puking.

It's no fun to have sick kids. I hope they get better soon, and that you don't catch it!
they donĀ“t need to eat but drinkin is very important, even if they throw it up again!
Yes, they should especially have liquids to keep from dehydrating. If they are old enough, give them vernors and light food like jell-o or chicken soup/broth. If they are little, try pediolite.

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