Why does my newborn have a yellow, puss-like discharge coming from his eye?


ts truly a concern then contact a doctor.
Probably a blocked tear duct. They are usually nothing to worry about and clear up on their own. Call his Dr if its still happening in a week or if the eye starts to look red or enflamed.
A blocked tear duct, most likely. My daughter had that. The doc to us to gently massage the lower corner of her eye (near her nose) to help unblock it. He also gave us eye drops to put in her eye. You should give her dr a call and see what he says though.
Sounds like he may have an eye infection, call your Dr and let him/her know and they may be able to prescribe him something. In the meantime-wipe the discharge out of his eye with a soft warm, washcloth.
Because you haven't taken him to the Dr./Hospital.
I cannot imagine taking the time to wait for a response here.
It may well be nothing BUT.
its a clogged tear duct or his tear duct isn't quite developed take a warm washcloth and massage his eye by his nose 3-4 times a day he may also need some drops your peditrician can prescribe my daughter had the same thing and it wouldn't clear up on its own so they gave her the drops and it cleared up in about 2 days good luck
Is probably a blocked tear duct - happens often in newborns. Use clean, warm washcloth to gently wash the area and let your doc know next you go.
It is a blocked tear duct. Very common in newborns. Some doctors will tell you to just massage it with warm compresses and let it resolve on its own. More effectively, Erythromycin ointment is prescribed, and it resolves very quickly.
My son had that when he was first born... he is now 5 month's and the dr. said it is a blocked tear duct and it will clear on its own. If by 6 months it hasn't cleared they will have to fix it. Its normal no worries.

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