Help!! 6 month old baby having hard time pooping...??

i don't know what to do, i don't really want to give him a bunch of meds to help him poop easier, i want to try something natural first. the thing is he does poop but he crys a lot while straining and his poop is hard (sorry i know it sounds gross...) both of us bearly get any sleep at night and during the day i can't do much cuz he's always strainig and crying... PLEASE HELP I DUNNO WHAT TO DO.Answers:  

not as harsh as prunes and works.
Make sure he is hydrated.
Dehydration can cause constipation
Try mixing about a teaspoon of Karo corn syrup into his bottle. And make sure that he stays hydrated.
Please consult your Pediatrician and tell him of your desire to use something natural and have him figure out why the child is so constipated. There are things on the market that are gentle for infants.If you do not have immediate access to you baby's dr, call a pharmacist and ask them what would be suitable for the baby and have them coach you on how to use what they suggest.Poor baby...Hug him for me.
You can sure call the Doctor! My goodness why would you let him cry like that. You can put Karo syrup in his bottle. Maybe a Tablespoon or so. But,. I would call my Doctor first. Their is no need in your child suffering and you waiting for an answer on Yahoo, doesn't make any sense. God Bless.
was there a switch in his diet, like are you introducing a different formula, or maybe milk? Introducing milk can cause a baby to be constipated try watering it down, same goes with the formula, try watering down the formula more than you do.
if the formula has iron or extra iron or something, that might be the problem
Gerber makes a prune baby food. Try that. I did with my son and he was poopin' in no time.
My son had the same problem. He has trouble if he drinks regular milk. The doc said more water but that didn't work. Eventually she gave him a prescription for glycolax which is a powder you mix in with the milk bottle or cup. It worked pretty good. But once i changed him to 2% milk he didn't have the problem anymore.
Try giving him apple juice or prune juice..2 ounces every 30 - 40 minutes until the problem is resolved.
Go to your local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist to show you where the Fleet Suppositories for infants. These have a stool softener in them and are sold over-the-counter. He/She will probably tell you to insert 1/2 of one up the rear. These things work pretty fast, and do not cause diarrhea!!
please give him more fruits in his diet. try some baby prunes that gerber makes in a jar that should help.
Please, please, please take the child to the doctor and explain the situation to them as soon as possible. This is not normal.
poor lil guy...
put a some vaseline up his butt with a q-tip, have him drink a little bit of prune juice.

If this is a continious problem be sure to take the baby to the doctor because it could be something more serious.
DON'T USE KYRO ... it's pure corn syrup. This might do the trick, but it's not good for the baby because it's pure sugar. Take that one person's advice...applesauce or applejuice. His poop will come out nice and soft. Before I discovered this, Embra's poop was one big turd and he wasn't even 4 months old yet :(
My son started having the same trouble at six months. I talked to his pediatrician obout it and he said to try diluted prune or apple juice. It worked for a while but then the effect sort of wore off. I would try the juice first and definitely talk to his pediatrician about it.
I have a 6 month old daughter that was doing the same thing. They now have her on a medicine that she takes in her formuls every day. And it has helped alot. She does not strain and cry anymore. I feel so much better for her. Before that I gave her juice and baby foods. But if you give them prunes in baby food, or prune juice. That will help too. But she was straining and pushing so hard that it made her bottom raw. So I talked to her doctor, and he perscribed her that. I did not like the meds either. But I did not want her to go through the pain. They say that if they get used to that while they are growing up, then when they get a little bit older that they will try and hold it, and that it would cause problems in the future. So have a talk with the doctor. Good Luck!
My 2nd daughter had issues with this too, I would take and lay her on her back with an open diaper undernieth her (yeah a little gross but it works better that way) and I would pump her legs back and forth, and massage her tummy. A little bit of vasiline on her and around that area to smooth the way ;) I also would give my daughter juice regularly, prune juice helps in a pinch but if you start giving him juice (4oz a day a couple hours before his normal poop time) everyday it will help ease this problem. It was a daily ritual for us for a little while and although not fun, for some reason she needed help?! Good luck... oh and sometimes if I needed too I'd just leave her bare butt for a little while on a big towel and let her move around without a diaper and that helped move things around too.
An old time remedy is 2 tablespoons of dark Karo syrup in 4 oz. of warm water. My mom used it on me and I used it for my daughter and it works everytime.
My friends mom ( who knows her stuff ) told me to softly put a q - tip in there.
I did, and an 16 inch frozen rope of poop shot across the changing table and landed at the same time, like a baton. I'll never forget that.
Try giving him some juice {100% fruit juice and dont water it down}, he's old enough and it will give him softer stools. Also increasing his water intake will help out. However if neither works you need to take him to see a Dr regarding this to make sure that there are no problems in that area.
Give him one ounce of prune juice to three ounces of water. This will clean him out. My friend just had to do this with her two month old. He was going a week at a time without going. Good luck.
you baby is constipated. if he is on a bottle and the poop is hard it will pass, if he is breastfed and it's hard you might want to go to your doc. Try eating dried prunes and raisins that could help the baby poop easier. Also what you could do is put some olive oil or petroleum jelly (olive oil works Better) on a q-tip and gently stick it into his anus when you expect that he is trying to go, you can do this up to 5 times a day but don’t over use it. You can also put a little boiled water in a syringe and once again gently push it into his anus, that will water down the poop and allow it to pass easier, but that can be done about 2 times a day. Good luck
I also have a 6 month old who had the same problem. My grandma told me to mix 1 tablespoon of brown sugar with 120ml water and give it to baby. It worked better than I could have imagined!! Lots of people say to give your baby natural juices. It does work but you will still be up all night because it will upset baby's stomach. If you use this information please remember only use brown sugar not white sugar.
A few spoonfuls of prunes is what he needs. They sell them in the baby isle by various brands as one of the stage 1 single ingredient foods. Or, you can try gerbers prune apple juice...water it down half juice half water only about two ounces are needed during the day. Also, you may want to do some diet changes if hes on solids, I find barley cereal isn't as binding as rice. Even if hes formula fed, if hes on milk based you may want to try soy. Talk to his pediatrician. Good Luck! My little boy does the same thing without his prunes hes a miserable little boy, even every other day helps in his case. You may want to start on every day until his bowels are regulated.

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