2 month old with stuffy nose and cough?

my son is 2 months old the last two days he has been having a cough and a runny nose is there anything that i can give him... is this something to worry about... he doesn't have a fever and he is eating the same as he would beforeAnswers:  

am sure you dont haveto worry
When in doubt, take him to the doc or at least call for advice. As for at home, have you tried putting baby Vic's menthalatem cream on his chest, back and a little under each nostril? Johnson's and Johnson's baby was has a wash called soothing vapors that has been extremely helpful for us. We grownups even get relief from our colds just by giving the kids a bath in it when they have colds. Good stuff! Anyway, good luck.
Most doctors do not recommend giving any type of cold medicine to one this age. You can however give them Saline Nose drops such as Ocean drops and use a suction bulb to clean out their nose to help them breathe and run a humidifier in his room. Hopes this helps.
If it persists for another day, call your pediatrician and have him looked at ASAP. My 9 month old daughter wasnt feeling well on Friday. By Monday she wasnt eating & sounded raspy when she breathed. Well there is a wonderful virus going around called RSV, and it can lead to phemonia, and like in my case hospitalization. She wasnt getting enough oxygen into her little body, and she was just blah the day before! She only spent one night there, in an oxygen tent, and is back to her old self today! But, its something that is going around and all too common as I am learning.
I'm going through the exact same thing with my two month old. The Dr. just gave him some antibiotics, and told me to give him pedialyte because the medication can cause diarrhea
It's good sign that he's eating and doesn't have a fever. Call your doctor or advice nurse. They may prescribe something and will tell you the proper dose. Also, if his nose gets too stuffy you can purchase "little noses saline drops". Follow the directions regarding how much to put in and how often, and don't put in too much or it may dry out his nose too much. When it loosens the snot, use the bulb syringe(round with tip) they gave you in the hospital to suck the runnies out of his nose. I know it's scarry when your 2 month old gets sick, but he'll be okay. Been there, done that 3 times. Good Luck!
Please take your baby to the dr ASAP!
My daughter has been having a runny nose/congested/cough for the past 3 weeks. The first dr we took her too said it was "allergies" and sent us home with Benadryl. He didnt accept that it was a cold or repiratory problems because she was eating and gaining weight like normal.she still is.
She is now 8 weeks old, and has gotten way worse. At her 2mth checkup yesterday the new dr we saw said she was not getting enough oxygen due to all of it and now is on a nebulizer and doing breathing treatments 3x a day for the next 3 weeks. It could have been avoided if the first dr had treated her correctly.
Please have your baby checked and dont accept the diagnosis of "allergies" if they try to give it to you. It could just be a simple cold but if not taken care of it could get way worse.
I know the answer to this question I had the same problem as you do with my little girl. Go get some Baby Vicks! Rub it underneathe his nose and on his chest. It works great girl!

midifier (I use a cool mist one)
Just keep up with this stuff and it should help bring him relief and decent restful sleep. He's too young for any cold medicines or vapor rub.
Personally I wouldn't let it go more than one or two more days tops...then call your ped. Especially if he has a cough. My daughter had exactly the same symptoms, with no fever or change of appetite. Then she started wheezing and that threw up a red flag for me. Turned out she had RSV and pneumonia...I had NO idea! She's a very happy baby and gave me basically no signs, aside from typical cold symptoms. I was shocked and felt sooooo bad. She then had to go on antibiotics. Anyhoo I'm not saying that will happen with your son but just keep a close eye and take him right in if you feel you need to.
Hope your little man feels better soon.

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