Is it ok to give a 2 month old "Rice Cereal", just a teaspoon full?

I breast feed and give my son formula and it seem like he's still hungry, durning the day I breast feed and 1 bottle when we go out and when it's bedtime I give him 4 to 5 oz of "Similac Advance Formula" and he sleeps for about three hours then wake up crying because he's hungry. So I get him up give Caleb the bottle and after he's finish with that he makes his hunger noise (which I think is so cute) and then I have to breast feed. My baby then is stuffed, want to laugh for about 15 mins, burp a couple of times then he is out again.

u really should start your baby on anything until you talk to his doctor.
all babies are different but only the doctor will know when he is ready to start with the cereal.
No. You will cause gastric problems. Honestly, this time doesn't last as long as you feel it does. I nursed all 3 of my sons exclusively for 6 months. Your baby might not be hungry, but rather in pain from the gas that the formula is causing. Formula is the main cause of all infant maladies. (I'm not talking about serious illnesses...hence maladies).

IMO, I believe God created babies to wake every few hours to feed to that moms can cherish the short time that they are so small. Try eating a little richer foods yourself (don't worry about fat, it's going into the milk) and see if your baby doesn't sleep better and longer.
no 2 month olds cant digest that

to your doctor, if you are able. If not, find something else that will calm him. It may be that he's actually overeating or just needs a sucking motion.

Good luck!
no.. cereals are advice to be taken at 6 months..
alot of people do but anything other then milk under 4months... I heard increases SIDS
NO, it is not safe to give your child rice ceral at 2 months. At 2 months his digestive system is still not completely developed. That is why you only feed baby formula, that is all they can digest safely. Waking up every 3 hours to eat for a 2 month old is normal, very normal, he won't probably sleep through the night til he is about 4 months when you can give them baby ceral and his body understands that at night he needs to conserve what he has drank. I gave my 1 month old ceral (yes bad me), it did not help him sleep through the night maybe an extra hour or two. Just wait, my 3 month old just started sleeping 6 hours a night with no ceral.
y es you can give rice cereal to a baby. i started my son on rice at one andhalf months. not only did he stop eating so frequently (every 2-3 hours) but he also started sleeping through the night.

The big thing is to make sure he is ready. If you put it in his bottle nothing to worry about. As for spoon feeding I was told to make sure the baby has control of their tongue enough to move it in and out of their mouth. Also if he shows an interest in an infant spoon and likes the feel of it in his mouth you should go for it. Hope this helps!
My son was sleeping through the night at 2-1/2 4 months he started waking up. My Dr told me to give him a tablespoon if rice cereal before nursing him at bedtime. Worked like a charm. You may want to check with your Dr, because 2 months seems a little young, it may be hard on his tummy.

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