Babies arm out its socket?

my 6 month olds arm was out its socket this morning. I took him to chiropractor and she adjusted it. He crawls and was wondering if he should be on his fours today because his arm is still so loose.

If you have a difficult time keeping his joints in his sockets you need to speak with your regular doctor. There are medical conditions in which this is a symptom. I saw something recently on Discovery Health about that.
Unless it was wrenched out of socket by force, such as a larger person grabbing him by the arm, then it should be okay. Iam assume he simply fell on it funny, or got it caught in the crib slats while sleeping. Just have him take it easy for a day or two. Its not that the arm is loose, its that the muscles holding the arm in place are sore and need to heal up a bit.

its not uncommon for babies joints to pop out of socket, esepcially if you are double jointed, or it runs in your family. If it keeps happening on its own, you might need to see a doctor for physical therapy to strengthen the tendons and muscles of the effected joints.

I'd keep him contained as much as you can today, maybe give him an infants dose of tylenol if he seems sore, but otherwise its business as usual. If the displacement were very bad the chiropractor would have suggested you go to the ER and have him arm wrapped to keep it from moving.

You can call your pediatrician and explain the situation and ask him how best to handle it.

my 2nd niece was born with a dislocated shoulder because of the doctor. but he put it back in place.. just wait a couple of days for it to start feeling better then he can go on all fours again.

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