Does Gerber baby juice need to be watered down for my 6 month old?

I will water down regular (Motts, etc) apple juice when giving it to my 6 month old, but does Gerber need to be also? I would think baby juice would have lower acidity but did not want to risk my baby getting diarreah. Thanks.
Answers:   All brands of 100% juice are the same, be it Motts, Gerber, Juicy Juice, whatever. It's up to you whether or not you think it needs to be watered down. Limit juice to 3 oz per day as it really doesn't add any nutritional value, just taste. As for the sippy cup issue, the problem is not putting juice in the sippy cup, the problem is letting the child run around with it all day. You can use a sippy cup for juice or formula at mealtimes and then water others. This typically isn't an issue for 6 month olds as they are just being introduced to the sippy cup anyway :)
I would think you wouldn't have to since it is made for a baby. Be sure to brush teeth or wash gums after the baby has had it to prevent tooth decay.
It is up to the baby, my 2 took it without being watered down but my new phew had to have it watered, so I suggest trying it both ways, if the baby gets constipated or puke or diarrhea, then water it down.
A 6 month old does not need juice. It is just full of sugar and empty calories. She only needs breastmilk (or formula) to grow a healthy body and brain at her age. If you must give her something else to drink it should only be water. Start good habits early.
I would say yes water it down because 6 month old are not really used to the taste of sugar and it might be to sweet for them
I always gave 1/2 water and 1/2 juice. They don't need juice at all and giving it watered-down gets them less addicted to the sugar taste.
My pediatrician recommends watering down all juices. She also suggests limiting the amount of juice to 3 ounces per day because of the problem of tooth decay and potential childhood weight issues.
When I took my Newborn Basics course, the instructor told us not to be fooled by the "baby" juice. She said that if you look at the label, you will find that it is the same is regular juice. Now I haven't done that, we just buy Mott's, but I would say then that it would also be watered down.

Also, FYI...I just read a news article on that says water should be the only drink used in sippy cups b/c "prolonged use of sugary drinks in sippy cups is a leading cause of pediatric tooth decay", according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. And juice should not be put in a bottle b/c it will be harder to wean the baby from the bottle.
All juice should be watered down for every kid, not just babies. Juice is juice... no matter if it is Gerber or whatever. It's just a brand and it is not "specially made for babies". I buy store brand juice for my baby and water it down. Half juice - half water.

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