My baby is 5 months old and wants me to carry him all the time when I put him down he cries, what should i do?

I can not do anything when he is awake.What should I do ?Answers:  

usband's cousin and her 8 year old neice are staying with us right now. Her mom shows her no love, no hugs, no kisses, as a matter of fact always tries to shoo her away cause she's "busy". From the few times that I've hugged that kid and told her how valuable she is she has quickly attatched herself to me. As I like to say, she's "on my nutsack". You see?

If you are in the middle of good poop on the potty and can't get up, let him cry. If you are answering the door, signing for a package or on an important phone, let him wail. He'll soon become mobile and will want to get into everything and then you won't be able to keep up with him...Think about it.
maybe start him in a class with you and other he can get used to not being with only you
Try a baby sling if his problem is that he just wants to be you know why he is crying? Maybe he has a tummy ache.I'd try to figure out if something is really wrong or if he just wants to be near his mama...
let him cry once in a while if you dont you will become his donkey for ever
Put him down and let him cry. He knows you'll pick him up so, don't.
Crying is healthy, all kids do it a little. Don't let the child rear you. You need to stop catering to his every whim and let him have a tantrum now and then. Teach him the reality that you don't ALWAYS get what you want, but you will always be there when needed!
so ur baby is thing would b 2 find sum-thin he likez & distract him wit that.or the age old remidy ingore him i know he ur baby.but even if its for a few mins.if this does work see ur doctor or get sum-1 2 baby sit...
I have the opposite problem with my 8 month old. I can't do anything when he's asleep, if I put him down he wakes.
Is he moving around much on his own yet. With mine it used to be all the time someone had to be holding him. There was so much more for him to see that way. But now that he's crawling, cruising the furniture and standing on his own, he prefers to be on the floor to discover things better. For a while I used a baby front-pack so that I was able to get any work done. Sometimes, we just have to make a decision on how important is it that what we want to do gets done right this minute or even today. Many times my dishes sat overnight and (unfortunately lol) they did wait until morning.

e wants held, hold him. It may lead to an entirely different parenting style than most of todays societies are willing to accept. The "let them cry it out" methods used in histories recent past really doesn't seem to have left any society in good shape. Baby slings may seem like a fairly new idea to most but they are far from that, it's letting them cry that is historically new.
Best wishes!
Uh-oh. Sounds like you've got.
A perfectly healthy NORMAL baby! Babies love to be held, it's how they learn for those first months. Imagine spending 9 months in a comfy cozy warm environment inside mom's body and then suddenly everyone expects you to lay on some cold hard surface and occupy yourself. CRAZY! You can not spoil an infant. Holding him is good for him. Whatever you do, don't ignore is cries, it will teach him not to trust you. When a baby stops crying to be held, he hasn't been trianed, or taught anything except that the people he depends upon don't listen to him. Wear your baby in a baby sling to give your arms a much needed break and still allow your baby the closeness he craves.
You won't be sorry. Have you ever heard anyone say "I wish I held my baby LESS"? NOT...just enjoy this time, b/c I promise you soon enough he will walk and crawl and all the cuddling time will cut back big time and you'll miss it. Enjoy your baby and his desire to be near to you , it won't last forever.
Put him down and let him cry. Just give him attention every few minutes, but don't pick him all the time or you will be permanately attacted to him and that's not really good for him or you. He does have to learn to cope with not having you attacted.

the world is big and bright and loud and so incredible overwhelming. the only thing holding your child "too" much will cause is for them to feel safe and secure.

with practice, you will learn how to do things with one hand. or there are those baby slings. i hear they are great. i never used one. my son was so little when he was born, it totally swallowed him and by the time he was big enough i had gotten used to doing things while holding him.
You should buy him one of those things, like a jumperoo or a exersaucer...or any station where he can sit and play. Or give him a toy and put him on a walker while you do something. At 5 months babies already know how to entertain themselves for a short period of time. Just dont let him out of your sight for safety, and i'm sure even if he's not attached to you, he'll be ok as long as he can see you and then call him, give him smile or talk to him while he plays. He will get bored easily at first, so you'll have to pick him up once in a while or go to him and play with him.
Have you addressed ALL of his needs? Diaper's dry? Is the baby hungry? Thirsty? Too cold? Too hot? Wanting some TLC or attention? Need a bath? Rash? If you've run through the list and he's still wanting to be held or cry. perhaps it's because he's tired. You do have to put him down and you do have things that must be attended to. So, don't be afraid to put him/her down and if you know the little one's not suffering.let him/her cry. Maybe he'll cry himself to sleep! The crying isn't going to hurt him/her..But don't let it get out of control either. Just check on the baby frequently.give 'em a small baby rattle to occupy his/her attention. Hang in there.
I know it's rough right now. But time really does pass quickly and it should get a little bit easier. As long as you don't spoil him/her by holding them constantly! Good luck to you & your baby!
no trying to be ugly but it sounds like he is spoiled. and it don't hurt to let him cry every know and then
Sometimes it can be that he got used to the attention and does not want to be left alone...his stomach could hurt..might be hot..might have wind..might want a nappy change..or might not even like to be where you are placing have to be patient with babies and try and figure out whats the reason they are try abit of everything..and you'll soon figure out what keeps him entertained so that you can do something instead of carrying him around the whole time..sometimes its true ..he just wants to be in your arms...let him cry...give him 5 mins...if he hasnt stopped pick him up..check his nappy..try to burp..see if he is still hungry...if he doesnt want or need anything..put him back done..and if he starts crying wait 10 mins..and so on..until he knows that you will go to him when you want to go to him..not when he wants you to go with him..babies are very good at picking up the habbit of getting attention..dont worry i went through the same thing with my baby..and this is how i did it with him..and now he is fine..babies get used to things easily if they keep being reapted..he'll soon learn to comfort himself if you can not attend to him. goodluck.
I went through this with my daughter. It is just a phase. All babies go through separation anxiety. You just need to start small in letting your baby know that you will be back. Put your baby down to go to the bathroom or start some laundry and tell him, "I will be right back". He's definitely going to cry, but soon will realize that you are coming right back. Slowly work your way up to things that take a little longer, like preparing dinner. But remember, he is only 5 months old, so he still needs Mommy for everything. Wait until he starts crawling and then walking - he will want to explore everywhere and then he'll ignore you.

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