What size shoe do 2 month olds usually wear?

i noticed there are shoe sizes called "crib shoe" for newborns. but then there are sizes 1, 2, 3.ect. what do 2 o 3 month olds wear? and how about 6 month olds?Answers:  

pe this helps a little.
They don't.
All babies fuss and manage to take their shoes off.
When they get a little bigger and figure out what to do with their hands, they pluck them off that way.
Most of the time a zero for a small baby
My youngest wore a one at about 6 months old

ll really depends on the child
But small babies really don't need shoes
If you feel that their feet are cold put on an extra pair of socks
it's hard to say with little ones the best thing is to take them to the store with you to see if they will fit
My son wore a size 1 at 2 mons and he is 7 mons now and wears a size 4 or 5. Each child is different though so take him or her with you if you can and let them try them on. If you cannot take them then buy bigger, they can always grow into them but once they are too small they are no longer useful!
There are different slippers you can get if you're worried about feet getting cold but until child starts crawling, I wouldn't bother with shoes for a newborn.
Once your child takes his first momentous steps, he's ready for his first pair of shoes. Until then, he'll just need some socks or booties to keep his tootsies warm when it's cold. In fact, even after your child's racing around, it's a good idea to let him go barefoot whenever it's safe. He'll enjoy the sensation of various surfaces (soft sand, lush carpet, cool tile) beneath his feet, and a barefoot base will him build strength and coordination in his legs and feet, too. For places where he'll need protection, though (outdoors or on a splintery surface, for example), get him a pair of comfy shoes that will aid his toddling efforts.
Buying shoes for an infant is a waste of money.Do yourself a favor and buy the kid some thick socks that he or she won't out-grow in a month.
They shouldn't wear shoes at that age. A baby shouldn't be given shoes to wear until they are walking well enough to walk outside when they need them. The bones in babies toes are very soft and any restriction can adversely effect their growth and cause deformaties, even sock should only be put on if absolutely necessary also avoid tights and all in one outfits with feet.
for those people that say to just buy socks....its funner to buy shoes especially pumas...I bought my kids each a pair of size 0 pumas for the 3 boys blue and for the 2 girls purple and they never take it off
Crib shoes are cute for the 1 minute it takes to take a photo. Other than that they are useless, uncomfortable, and bad for the babies feet.

And babies have different sized feet regardless of age, just like adults.
it varies.
at 2-3 months, i'd say about a size one and six months about a size 2. My kids are big though and went through shoes like no tomorrow. The have those robeez things...i think thats what they're called and they're soft like slippers and babies can't get them off. The best part about those shoes is that they let the babies feet breathe and shape on their own whereas regular running shoes would force the babies feet into shape, which isn't always good.
good luck
The shoes they have where I live are given more by age range, say 0 to 6mths, than by sizes like that. I just wanted to say that usually babies will kick off anything on their feet (at least my girl did) and it was a waste to buy her shoes before she started walking at around 10mths. I had a couple little soft canvas shoes that went well with her dresses, but they are really just for looks. So you can go larger, unlike when they wear them to actually start walking and need them to fit. Dont spend a lot of money buying hard soled shoes (which my sister in law just did).
It depends on the child they are each different. It is like asking what size a 25 year old wears. It varies.

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