Do pedophiles ever get caught by anybody other than Dateline?

I mean, are you safe as long as you avoid Stone Phillips?Answers:  

erted Justice, the group which has been affiliated with all of the Dateline stings to date, also works directly with police departments to conduct stings. Some of these have included the involvement of local media, but others have not.

Finally, you can avoid Stone Phillips if you want, but it is Dateline reporter Chris Hansen who has been involved with the Dateline: To Catch a Predator series.
They get caught by the police all the time.
This is so not funny you perv! Raping and/or molesting a child is something that nobody should ever poke fun at!
they are caught every day. by more then just date line
Are you for real?
Nope. The Police and Feds catch thousands every year.
Nost of their work, for obvious reasons, isn't publicised ( Don't want the pervs to know where and when the Feds are monitoring their chatrooms)
No many police departments and also the FBI have sting oporations, they just don't put theirs on TV, would kind of make it harder for the operations to continue to be successful. Every once in a while on the news you will hear about the FBI rounding up 100s to 1000s of people involved in child pornography rings. They do get caught all the time, but unless it is a big group it is not concider "newsworthy".
Children are always told if something happens to tell an adult they trust. Many teachers, counselors, Sunday school teachers, clergy, mothers, aunts, fathers, neighbors, and even close friends are told of sexual abuse. They are the front line on helping to protect children from additional abuse. If a child tells you of any abuse, report it to the police.
i see you arent suspended anymore either

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