How much should you spend on your young adult kids at Christmas?

I have 3 YA kids who now have their own jobs and live on their own. How much money would be appropriate to spend at Christmas? I am not rich, but have always given them lots of presents at Christmas. It just seems that the older they get the more expensive the presents get.

won't like this answer but it is what I am doing for my kids this year.NOTHING...I am sick of this holiday that just makes halmark money, it is ridiculous and expensive and we have all lost the meaning.
I took what little money I could and donated it to 3 different charities in each childs name.if they don't like it tough!! There are kids who can't get food in their little tummies let alone and ipod/xbox/something3...whateve...
I would rather spend ten $ on a child that needs it than one who doesn't.and for my dad who is a vet, I sent a really nice back pack w/ stuff to a man i the army who is in the war, he will love that, this year to me giving is giving, I am not trying to beat up on you, but ten bucks to someone else, somewhere else will mean more, esp. if you explain how much the other kids need it...happy holidays...good luck..
$100-$150 each should work just fine!
you can find some very good deals in this range online that will make them happy.
You should only spend what you are comfortable spending. If you can easily afford the $100 and you want to, go ahead. But remember that Christmas isn't about the gifts or the price of them. Can you get something that still means as much but costs a lot less? They also shouldn't expect as many gifts as they get older - I dont think anyone gets as many gifts as adults as children do. If you think the amt of gifts is mor important, get them a lot of small inexpensive stuff.
wow. small family compaired to mine.

I think $100 is fine. When we were kids it was a lot more.

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