Why does my son ALWAYS want my attention?

Either by acting like a brat, ashing his head into the floor or walls and then saying 'oww", he'll even take his power wheels escallade and flip it over to make it look like he was in an accident and say "oww, momma", he has this tendancy to hurt himself to get my attention...WHY?Answers:  

not your fault, mothers of young children always have too much to do but you need to set aside some time when you give him your undivided attention (very hard to do)
It sounds a little as if he is a very active child who needs a lot of stimulation, is he in a play group or something that would take the focus off you a little?
(you don't say how old he is)
becase u always give him your attention. if your aware of your childs actions then you know when he is hurt or in need. if you dont sweat the small stuff and let him do aht he does and dont baby him then he will learn that every time he has an action you will not have a reaction.
Well because you are his mommy, the light of his life, usually the one person that can make the boo-boos go away, the person that they seek comfort from when feeling sad or hurt.

take a break, if you can, when you feel that you are loosing it with him. I know it can be hard, but just try to.
Just try to be consistant with him, and stick with it. Even when he is "acting like a brat".
ok...youre not gonna like this. ask yourself this question and admit it to yourself honestly...do you pay as much attention to him as you ought to? i know its hard, i am a stay at home mom and believe me these days get long and i only have one kid (4 year old boy) and i have to tell ya, he is only doing this to get your attention. he needs your love and approval but if you arent there for that then he will take ANY attention from you he can get.

if you can reschedule anything within your day to ensure that every day you can have mommy and son time and do something that he wants to do and enjoy i bet these fits will diminish. i also think that if you give a different respsonse to him when he tries to hurt himself that he might likely stop doing that too, but that coincides with the addition of having your mommy and son time. so what i mean by a different reaction is that when he is actually pretending to get a boo-boo and you know he's ok, you could just brush him off, let him know he is ok and destract him with another activity. one that will involve you or one that he can get into on his own.

Parents today = FAIL.
Because that is your job!
active or on the go?
maybe you should have grown up a little BEFORE you had a kid.

ider yourself BLESSED to have him.
sounds to me like the kid has no structure in his life. how about mom? doesn't sound like she has much structure either, being out all the time, how could she?
I think it's his way of asking you to show him more love or something. Where is his dad? Maybe he wants a man's attention and love also. My parents struggle to show us love. Although we never do things to get attention we try to do very good in EVERYTHING so that we can get a little praise. Maybe you do not even realize that you are not showing the love you feel for him. I mean, I know they love me, but they do not know that they do not SHOW it.. Just be attentive about that. Try lighting up when he enters the room and just let him feel special. Tell him that you are so proud of him and love him and he is special. and so.
duh he loves you...

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