Getting pregnant to trap a man?

Does it make a man stay? Because my best mates EX girlfriend is pregnant, and I just found out that she got pregnant after they split up, she cheated on him with his best mate last year and he found out in march and then they split up, but remained friends, and then she got pregnant in April!!! They are not together but are still friends.Answers:  

times i guess it works and sometimes i guess not but just cos people are together it doesn't always mean that they're happy.

its best to have a baby when your in a stable loving relationship
Getting pregnant to make a man stay is foolish because you are bound to wind up a single mother.
No it doesnt..and it should never be tried,there is some selfish silly girls out there!!
no it may do for a while but if its not right then nothing can make someone stay. even a child. beside if a couple arent right together thats not good environment for child anyway
that is soo wrong to use a child to trap a man. just think bout the poor childs feelings.
No it does not trap the man. Simply because they are over and done especially over a case of unfaithfullness.
not a good idea they will leave anyway no point staying in a miserable relationship
it's a trick that women use all to often and if the man does try to leave the will slap their buts with child support "leech leech". not all women though just some
You shouldn't try to trap a man. It's not fair on anyone, especially the child.
no a man cant be trapped by a baby ever hear of single parents
No. Getting pregnant to trap or keep a man is never a good idea. A relationship based on resentment and entrapment will not flourish in the long run. It may survive, but it will not flourish!
Your friend is a manipulative, childish skank and she is not capable of reering a child into a contributing member of society. She should be lobotomized and sterilized and be made to pay the state to raise her illegitimate child.
It depends on the man. I have known men who stay under these circumstances. There are some men who stay under even worse circimstances. Alot of men (probably most), however, would leave and find someone else - especially if their best friend was involved.
it doesn't work and if he does stay in the end the poor baby will suffer coz he will resent her for it and it will make a bad atmosphere i hope this doesn't happen to your friend maybe she made a wrong judgement and now she is in this mess but i hope it will work out for her and the baby good luck to u all and merry christmas
If my girlfriend got pregnant, I don't think it would trap me, but I would probably make some contribution towards the baby's upkeep if we split up.
I personally think it is a sick thing to do. It may work work for some people but i think it is wrong and unfair.

NO if anything it makes the guy run from you or resent you. Being in a marriage for convenience is never good because you will know the reason why and it will eat at you. Most of the time the marriage don't last.
it doesn't work u will be crying at the end of the day
How can you be sure who has fathered this baby? I think a dna test might be necessary! It's a cheap trick - trapping a man by having his baby - but sadly still often employed. Sometimes it does work, but rarely. Mostly men resent the women and don't stay with her. But men must take responsibility as well - there is such a thing as condoms - which they should use anyway to avoid STDs
who exactly is the dad then because i wouldnt take her word for it, and its stupid of her to assume he will come running back to her, she needs to grow up and probably get a dna test before she tells everyone who the father is
Sometimes it does, sometimes it pushes them away, usually they just work something out for the children and even if they stay together, it's not intimate.
When one parent or the other do not want the baby that forms resentment. Just like in a home where two parents fight all the time...the best thing for the children is divorce. Getting pregnant to keep a man will cause resentment and later fighting and the only person that is truly going to be hurt by this action is the child.
Depends on the guy "questioner"
It happened to me.
Was with a long term partner but on the rocks, we had started seeing others then decided we'd try and get it to work again. Stupid me let it slip to the girl I had started seeing that I'd talked about this to my previous girl and I was considering it. I ended it 2 weeks later but Hey Presto ! 4 weeks later I get a call to say she was pregnant. I found out pretty quick the half finished pack of the pill to prove my suspicions. Naturally I ended up losing the original partner but was given an ultimatum 6 months into the pregnancy to be a full time father or never see the child. Not much of a choice really, so I did the decent thing and let her live with me. Although she had herself convinced she loved me I had never loved her a single day and let 7 years of my life slip by before I realised that I had done enough for my boy to never forget me and to make different arrangements for he and I otherwise I would have no future after my boy was old enough to leave the nest. In one sense I wished I had not been railroaded into throwing away 7 years and taken legal advice when he was born, however I wouldn't have given up the years I had with him seeing him every day of his life. That is priceless. Problem now is I am older now and not the man I used to be and my options for a future are much more limited. That's the bit that scares me now
This doesnot sound like his baby. however in answer to your question no getting pregnant does not trap a man and it definitley does not make them stay though usually the good ones do. my babies dad ran a mile when i got pregnant and hes never seen his child. if this is his baby then staying friends is a great and a mature thing to do this is a life after all.
Silly, because it doesn't really trap a man. The man can walk away at any second unlike the mother who will be left to bring up the child that she might not have wanted and only got pregnant to keep a guy or get a guy back.
It sounds like she got pregnant the same way most do...having sex.Doesn't really sound like she did it to trap him.
It doesn't seem 100% certain that it's your friend's baby. If it is, then no, it does not make a man stay and I hope he realises that. If he stays when he does not want to he could resent the child which would foster poor future relations.
no way i know some one who did this 3 times and they left if they dont want you nothing can make them stay and if they do thay will eventually rezent you for blackmailing them into it and you end up miserable and holding the baby literally hpe ive been of some help chow...??
really wrong to do to the child
I know a few girls who did this, the men did marry them, but they were all divorced within 5 years.

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