Why do parents spend so much money at christmas?

there was a question several days ago asking people how much they spend on their kids, and the average answer was inexcess of 800-1000usd per child. that is about 500-650 Uk pounds.

re are lots of pressures at Christmas to buy, aren't there? TV ads, newspapers, leaflets, special catalogues, in store promotions, shelves of offers in the supermarkets . not to mention peer pressures and having the latest in thing etc.
But I think essentially its the perceived effort and value that parents and others get from buying at this time. It's all about keeping face and 'doing a good job' at the right time. But what I think is sad is that so many people put themsleves in extraordinary hock to do all of this . the number of people that I meet who borrow £500 to £1000 from the 'doorstep man' to do exactly that ... and then they have a poor new year and a debt that will certainly outlast the next Christmas ... and the next ... and the next. And what fascinates me about all of this is that the giving pleasure only lasts a few minutes so why does it have to be a race. not only in effort but also in who can spend the most. We have come to live in a very materialistic world where perceived value is way above sentiment and the need to simply share things. And another thing ... a whole host of retailers make their living at this time of year, so they are under pressure to sell, sell, sell and live off their overdraft for the rest of the year.
I don't think it is entirely the parents' fault . too many 'wish lists' I think are to blame!
But what we need is a good old fashioned recession .. where values can come down to basics again. I cannot remember how many times my mother told me about receiving a stocking at Xmas with an orange, nuts, a small toy a something warm to wear . she said it was bliss but how welcome would that be today?

onally I cant afford to spend too much so am reasonable when choosing what to buy, although practical, I can buy little things too and I find it more impressive than one big present that almost broke the bank. My kids have never wanted for anything except love so Ive done a good job in bringing them up to realise that you cant buy love.

Christmas is far too commercialised now and it's just not magical anymore.
We've limited the cost to £75 as he'll get presents from grandparents aunties/uncles etc.
He gets stuff all year although he's not spoilt.

ree that a spending spree at christmas is purely for the parents' sake. I think it teaches a child little except that money equals love, which is false. Parents do it to feel good about themselves, but many kids are just over-burdened with possessions, which makes them indecisive and careless about their stuff.

So, yeah, I agree.
I think you are refering to one of these parents as me! Last year we spent in excess of $2000 au dollars on christmas presents for our 5 kids.I will never do that again that is the first time I have done that and will never do it again!

year for the rest of my family who complain about everything they are getting gift cards from world vision to sponsor a child, instead of wasting money on someone who is just going to complain I think this is money well spent.
I think maybe you have hit the nail on the head with your last sentence. Perhaps because parents spend less and less time with their kids due to the pressures of having to work, they think that they should overcompensate at Christmas by buying and buying. My friend spent over £1000 on her daughter last year and is now still in debt and behind on her mortgage payments. The worst part is that the girl was only just one year old at the time. Why did she spend so much when the kid doesn't even know she has half the stuff?

When my two were that age they were more interested in the box and the wrapping paper than the present it contained.

also perhaps due to the over-commercialisation of Christmas. I am a Christian but not a regular church-goer. However, I do think that people should think about the true meaning of Christmas and not get into a big debt hole that they can't get out of just for the sake of saying, 'Look what I got!'
That's insane. But it doesn't surprise me. I have seen parents spend way to much on their kids anytime, not just Christmas! Maybe they feel the need to spoil them. I don't know. I wouldn't want to do this with my kids.
Wow. My daughter is getting jipped. That figure is absolutely insane! I would never even dream about spending that kind of money on my child. My parents reinforced in me that you must work for the things that you desire and rarely gave me handouts. Christmas was modest and I respect them for the decisions that they made while raising me.

I used to get jealous about how much money and toys my friends got but as time went by and I grew up, I see myself being far more independent and financially stable than them. No wonder kids nowadays are so spoiled and lazy. These parents are missing the boat.
Because we love our kids, want them to have all of the things that we didn't have when we were children and we can afford it. My kids also get money spent on them all year round on things like new mobile phones every 6 months, gadgets and other things. I also give them £25 pocket money each week. I am also self employed and spend loads of time with my kids as I can work whatever hours that I like.
i spend around a thousand australian dollars if not more on my two kids at christmas time i buy things through out the year for christmas day so they end up with a room full of toys and things,we do it because we love to poil our kids we live in times where it is able to do this and christmas is about giving laughing lots of smiles happiness
I'm a parent who doesn't celebrate Christmas. My son gets presents all year round just out of love, and not because it a holiday and its expected of me.
Christmas should be banned it puts too much pressure on parents who would get into debt. Its no longer a religious holiday and its sad that the suicide rate goes up worldwide at this time.

nts and people alike should ask themselves

Why do I celebrate Christmas??
My wife and I have had a £100 limit on what we spend on one another at Christmas for a few years now - it takes off the pressure to spend more each year - and now we apply the same limit to my daughter too.

parents are short-sighted in this respect.
The children are the losers in the end.
I have a 6 yr old...I have spent around 250 pounds on clothing and 600 on a bike and toys for her for christmas. I am not rich by any means and start very early in the year for christmas and pay off alot of stuff weekly.
I agree with what you are saying, but the social pressure on parents is really bad. Where I live there is alot of competion and all the kids compare gifts etc on Christmas day and yes, it is like a bloody fashion show too.
But, I could not let my daughter br the only child without all the latest toys/clothing etc. I know I may sound very stupid but that is just the way it is. Everybody around me does it so I feel that I have to.
i have set amounts for birthdays and xmas for my kids i rarely go over it i think some people spend a lot so they look good but to tell the truth a lot of kids are spoilt all year round so xmas is a big problem for some parents because they feel they have to buy everything just to keep the kids quiet

I afford more? Sure I can but why do I really need to?
me n partner spends around £1000 on his 2 boys
but we dont just get them toys we spend it on clothes learning stuff 4 skool ect....
i dont think there is any harm in spoiling ur kids thats wot there for!!!
It is all about expectations and brainwashing.

Parents (and others) over-shop in an attempt to create the "ideal" holiday morning. Each year they are overwhelmed with images of what that looks like and they are so driven to give kids that "perfect Christmas morning" that they go way overboard.
some people are mad. I have spent £80 on my 21 month old son and £30 on my 12 week old daughter! Does that make me mean? What on earth does a 12 week old baby need? She has piles of clothes and all her big bros toys! He doesn't understand Christmas yet so just one toy will please him greatly.
I also buy them things during the year if I see something they might like.
when they get older they will get one big present each from us, e.g. a bike, toy kitchen etc. they will get enough stuff they don't need from friends & family!

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