Help! My 13 year old daughter is dating a 30 year old man, should I allow them to move in together?

My daughter and her long time boyfriend have been dating for about 3 years now. She loves him very much because he is very good to her. Yesterday he came to our house and asked my daugher if she would move in with him because he wants to be with her at all times. My husband and I think that this would be a good experience for her because she would be able to see what running a house is all about. Some of our family think that she is a bit young for such a move but I don't think so. Should I let my 13 year old daughter move in with her 30 year old boyfriend? Help please!Answers:  

l answer: Don't allow her to move in because that could be a form of child neglet on your part and you and your husband can be arrested.
That's so wrong.

Did they engage in sexual acts? Arrest the guy for statuary rape!
umm i rally cant answer that for you but me i would not allow that to happen what if she was to get pregnant and he left her what would she do then???
You must be the product of inbreeding. Please don't breed any more. Thank you very much.
She is 13 and living with a 30 year old man is child abuse. You and her boyfriend can go to jail. I hope you are not serious!
aha haha...ur hilarious. this is like the joke of the day. If by a small chance this is NOT a joke..what you SHOULD do is CALL THE COPS so they can lock ur *** up along with the pedophile.
I want to know one thing first? ARE YOU INSANE? thins has to be a joke! that's not even half the age defiance i would say OK if she was over 18 but no way would i let my 13 year old daughter date a 30 year old! i would move away and forbid her to see this person and shame on you for allowing this to happen! God help you!
PEDIFILE! wtf is wrong with you..ur daughter is 13..still a child..thats gross...did they meet online? do you really want your 13 year old daughter pregnant? don't let her move...make them break up..feel lucky no one calls the cops on you and your husband or that nasty @ss dude...
NO WAY SHE IS 13! she can't be living w/ some guy who is thirty she is wayyy tooo young! you are crazy if you let her move in with him, only do it if you want your child dead or raped
A BIT young!!??
This has to be a joke question, surely, otherwise you're not a fit parent, your child is at great risk and should be taken into care and her 'boyfriend' - who you say she she's been dating since she was 10, is a law-breaking pervert who should be locked away!
sure if you wanna deal with her when shes 14-15 and pregnant and the guy kicks her to the curb for another kid
you need to seek professional help ASAP because any parent who would allow such a thing in my opinion should be shot. Shame on you!
Omg!! No! Im 13 and i think its a awfull idea! Shes still a kid.. barley an adult she doesnt need that kind of responsability .. yet n-e ways.
uhhh WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU.. one ur 13 yr old daughter should be thinking about school and not some grown man.. two her 30 yr old bf should not be thinking about a 13 yr old girl and having a relationship with her.. he is taking your daughters innocence away.. she is 13 let her live her life.. let her grow up.. next its goin to be him controlling her, beating her.. okay they been together for three years.. but do u kno what this man would do to ur daughter behind closed doors.. do u kno that this man is breaking the law.. omg parents now a days and they wonder why they teenagers be gettin pregnant, doing drugs.. cuz parents dont care.. im sorry but i dont agree with you on this one.. sorry..
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... 4 letters r-a-p-e
What? NO WAY. She's THIRTEEN. By the way, any sexual activity by a girl under 18, whether voluntary or not, is classified as rape.
you must be joking

nt her to see what the running of a house is about?? This is her age to go out with friends, spend hours on the phone, and not LIVE IN A HOUSE WITH A MAN WHO IS 17 YEARS OLDER THAN HER, for heaven's sake! Use your brains, even though I seriously doubt u even HAVE any!
What the he ll is your 13 year old daughter doing with a 30 year old in the first place? What is he doing with her. And if my math is correct, he would've started dating her when he was 27 and she was 10. He is old enough to be her father. Not only should you not let her move in with him, you should not let her date him. The maturity levels between the two of them are completely different. She is JUST starting puberty, and he is ready to conceive children. Give your head a shake. Maybe give her to a relative of yours if you aren't smart enough to make a proper parenting decision here. She is just a child, and a young one at that. Take responsibilty. It confuses me why you would let her date him in the first place!?!? Especially when she is so young. There must be some legalties or something that make this morally wrong, and corrupt, and neglect on your part. I could rant and rant on here, but I better keep my mouth shut.
I've just sent this to the police. If your firewall has holes, wait for the call.
I'm not sure why yuo allowed her to start dating at ten, to begin with. Secondly, it sounds to me like you have already made up your mind. Not that i want to pass judgement, but you seems to be out of your mind. I cannot imagine my daughter sleeping eith someone old enough to be her father. Have you considered the trauma this will cause for her in the future, assuming that she doesn't commit suicide? Keep in mind that you are her parnt, and ae responsible for ther mental and physical well being until she is eighteen, at least. And by you saying it would be a good experience to learn how to run a house, I think that was your job, not some depraved 30 year old. She should be playing house, not running one. If you are looking for positive reinforcement for yuor acts, you will not find that here. I hope you re examine the way you have brought up your daughter.
You let your ten year-old date? You let your ten year old date a 27 year old man? Please seek counseling for yourself, and for your daughter. "Dating" a child is pedophilia. The man she is dating should be arrested. Frankly, so should you. I hope to god this is not a serious question. If it is... then GOD NO, you do not let them move in together. Please please seek counseling. I'm praying for you.
If I was her father or let me tell you like this my 9 year old daughter came home with someone about 26 they would have to call the corner if you and your husband are not gonna do nothing about it then I dont know who needs to be put away you and your husband for letting this child molester to do this to your daughter or him for being what I just said A CHILD MOLESTER.Report his azz and press charges have you ever herd of statuary rape the people in prison will take good care of him.They will even give him a party yea (A BLANKET PARTY )Do whats right report him
This lady is just causing are some of her other posts...

Help please! I just caught my mother in law in bed with my husband!!?

ither she has a messed up family or she's stupid.
You need help with this! Lady, the person that needs help is your daughter! 13 year old girls do not have the maturity to engage in a romantic relationship with a 30 year old man! Tell that pedophile to stay away from your daughter! Why isn't your husband beating the crap out of this guy!

Please tell me that this s a joke.

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