How often do children lie about being sexualy molested?

If a child has been exposed to other sexual molested children how common would it be for them to lie and say it happened to them?Answers:  

ommonly talk to your child about things to share and things not to share and if they do ever get molested they know exactly what to do.

Tip: Always encourage your child to speak up. Try not to cut them off when they want to share something with you. Even if it may seem dull.

And pray for God to give you the ears to hear and a spirit to guide your to feeling when your child is a harm.
It's not very common. The younger they are, the more likely they are to tell the truth. The best thing is to believe them. Kids may act older now adays, but they're more innocent then you think!
It is very rare for a child to lie about someone molesting them. If they say it happened it probably did especially if they are very young. One of the signs is them knowing things they wouldn't normally know at a young age.

I think sometimes children may lie and say it didn't happen to them because they are embarrassed but I believe it's very rare for them to lie and say it happened when it didn't.
I imagine it happens. If a child sees another getting extra attention for being molested, ya I could see a child inventing a story to get the same. However, A charge of molestation is very serious, and needs to be investigated. If the child lied, their life will be turned upside down for the worse, all the exams, the therapy, doctors, police.. Even if they then come around and admit to the lie, the case still has be, and should be investigated. A child's life is to important to waste, even though a lie can tear apart a family, the accusation of molestation needs to be investigated. PERIOD.
kids can lie often, but before you say they are lieing you need to start asking them thourough questions. see if they are just mad at the person they say is doing it, sometimes kids lie to get people into trouble. but sometimes they arent liying. it goes either way just make sure you check out the situation first and ask plenty of qeustions.
It is actually very uncommon, Most children never tell, or parents never explain the"no-no" touch so they never realize it was wrong & when they do they are too embarresed. Even if a child says Dad did or Grandpa or even Auntie (whomever) trust the child!!
Just guessing.pretty often
why is it a subject of concern? my kids dont talk about such things i have a 10 yr old boy and a six year old girl and a 5 year old girl..its not talked about unless your a piss poor parent raising you children in a piss poor environment with with sick people having access to your children or your a pervert or husband or boyfriend is pervert then i say if its talked about its happening or being put in to the kids head by some one who shouldn't be around kids
I don't think it would be very common. If a child comes forward telling someone they were molested it should be investigated no matter what. It is better for the person in question to either be found innocent or guilty then not believe the child at all and let it keep happening. There are so many cases out there where children did try to ask for help and their parents told them they were lieing and the abuse just continued on. Better to be safe then sorry.

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