Do u spank your kids with there pants down. how old are the and dose it work?


Sending them to there room never works.
Also what did they do?
Different actions should have different consequences.

Remove privileges works
1st ~ never spank your child bare buttom. 2nd ~ politically correct restrictions such as time out usually do not work. I don't care what SuperNanny says, she probably pays those kids off with promises of gummy bear fortunes.
Don't have kids. But my brother in laws smack all their kids across the head or the mouth I think when they don't do as their told and they quickly behave. Their all good kids because of being hit and they'll be great adults as well. The only one that's a problem is my 5 year old nephew which he still doesn't listen to anyone except his father.
No spanking necessary for my kid yet, but I got spanked on my bare butt when I was a kid and I don't see why people get freaked out over it. It hurts and it's embarrassing but guess what--that's why it's called punishment!
No, this is not a good idea. In some states it is called child abuse, but that is not the only reason.

I realize this is someone needing to understand more about getting through to their child so I am not going to assume you just want to be mean. I think you are a frustrated person and need help in the area of effective punishment.

time do it a little harder to say that you mean business. Now not every crime deserves a spanking and you don't want to bruise them from to many spankings so what you want to do is use time out. When you put your child in time out only tell them what they have done wrong and let them know that is the reason your are putting them in time out. Do not try to reason or engage in an arguement, if they are kicking and screaming ignore it, and if they get out put them back in again, this could go on for a while, but when they finely give in and sit there as they were told then let them out. Expect and an apology. Be nice about it, be sweet and let them know that they are forgiven and then expect them to do what ever was expected before the punishment. This fight is over and should not be brought up again.

When they are just sitting and doing nicely, maybe they are quiet and playing with toys, or you have asked them to clean their room and they did it, reward them unexpectedly with a treat of some sort. You choose the treat just don't make it to big.

ot hit anywhere other than on the bottom.
Do praise them for good deads
Do use a firm voice when they are in trouble so that they will know you mean business.
Be consistant and make sure they understand household rules.

Super nannny does not spank but I beleive in some cases it is necessary. My son does not respond to it, but he has a different set of problems.
I was whipped with a belt in my preteens and teens. It was usually on my bare backside. However, this did not teach me right from wrong. It merely made me fearful of being whipped again, which is not the lesson that you should be teaching children. I did learn something, though. If I didn't get caught, then I didn't get spanked. Thus, I became skilled at. not getting caught. I have taken this lesson with me into life.

The purpose of discipline should not be to DIScourage bad behavior, as much as it should be to ENcourage good behavior. Spanking a child does not teach them to do the right thing. It only teaches them to not do the wrong thing for fear of reprisal. What happens, though, when, like myself, they find a way around that fear? Once the reprisal is gone, then the bad behavior returns. As adults, there won't be someone there to spank them, so who will keep them in line, hmmm? The law?

Added: I just read baka_otaku30's answer...I agree. Spanking creates fear, and I don't want my child to be afraid of me.
Yes, they are 4, 7, and 10. How does it work? Pull them down, lay them across your lap and spank, JK. It works very well as a final punishment in our home.
Perverse. Why take their pants down? Why even think about it?
with pants down? NONONONONO! that is very wrong and very humiliating. with the pants on yes, not hard at all and only if they do something very wrong like play with an outlet or hurt someone else or something serious. never with a bare bottom. thats considered abuse now days

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