Why do men always run away from the responsibilities of children?

there are hundreds of men who would die to see there kids. but silly men cower at the thought of looking after a child
Answers:   That's not it. What it really represents is the end to everything a man holds near and dear, namely his freedom. Once he's saddled with a wife and children, that's it. Game over. No more sleeping late and watching sports all day. No more going out every Saturday night, getting loaded and bringing home any bimbo he pleases.
Real men don't run away from their responsibilities. Immature males unfortunately do sometimes. I think if women refused to sleep with immature males they might feel more of an incentive to grow up. My husband is a wonderful father to our two children because I was looking for a responsible man when I was dating and wouldn't settle for anything less.
Men run away from the responsibility of children, because they are not ready to be parents themselves, like a feeling of giving up their youth.
I guess I don't know any silly men then..all the men I know have no problem changing a diaper!
As the saying goes " anyone can be a father but only a special person can be a daddy".
Not all men do. In fact real men stick around and make great fathers! You just need to find a man that has grown up, some never do.
The good ones don't. I picked a bad one first, but got lucky on my second try. My husband and I have two kids and he not only is a great dad to them, he's a great dad to my oldest too.
The ones who run away are the ones who don't want the responsibility in the first place. They are immature and selfish and irresponsible. Usually they are the guys who can't even take care of themselves, anyway, let alone take care of someone else.
Men don't run away Boy's run away. I have a 5 year old little girl that isn't my Husband's biological daughter but you'd never know it. As far as he concerned she is his daughter! Their are some wonderful men out their. Women just need to get to know the man before they sleep with them.
Some men...and I don't say all...get themselves in a sticky situation...as getting a girl pregnant...and they are simply not ready for parenthood. Well...they should have thought about this to begin with. These men don't want the responsibility of a child...so they refuse to pay for this child. Guess what...this is their responsibility...and if they didn't want the responsibility...they shouldn't have "played around" in the first place!!
Well, my husband is the complete opposite. We both at the same time knew we wanted a child. He takes after his son and daughter very well, and loves to take him on walks, shows him engines, small and big. He is a great father. We both wanted a child and both persons need to be ready to take care of a child together. My father on the other hand, got a woman pregnant he didn't know, and moved on to Spain where he met my mother. He left his first born in Australia. He finally met him at age 26.
not ALL men run away from their responsibilities to their children. There are ALOT of woman that do it too!
That is a huge generalisation. My husband is a stay at home dad out of choice, he loves it...we work as a team when it comes to our kids.When I was pregnant for the forst time and really nervous my husband was the one who read up on pregnancy and toddlers and parenting. Now that I am pregnant with triplets, I am more afraid than ever but he has been amazing.almost nothing phases him. A male presence in your children's lives is so important.
If your husband/boyfirend/father of your child is running away from his responsibilities it may be for a number of reasons,some poeple don't feel they are grown up enough themselves never mind being a parent. i'm not saying that this is an excuse but there are hundreds of possibilities for his fear.All you can o is talk to him and attempt to coach him as a father/uncle/parent. If he does not respond to you then all you can do is be the best parent you can be yourself,I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to be a mom and a dad but I do know that plenty of women and men do, so you can too. Be strong and good luck.
Men do not "always" run away from the responsibility of their children. Your question is ignorant and insulting.

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