At what age should I take away the bottle from my baby?


uld say 12 months for the bottle and the pacifier. I was lucky that my kids both kind of refused the paci after about 5 months.

Transfer her to a sippy cup or better yet, a regular cup. She can learn early. It's what they did before there were sippy cups, and it will help her not use the sippy cup as a bottle.
12 months end of discussion that's how it should be no if's or but's
I took the bottle and paci away at 1 year
11-13 months
before it becomes habit forming

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Between 12 and 15 months is the right time to wean from the bottle. Actually, they can start using a soft-spouted sippy cup at around 6 months of age.
Doctors usually tell you to take the bottle away at 1 year, but it is all up to you. You are the mom and you know what is best for your baby.
It should be gone by age 1 for sure, but my doctor said any time after 7 months was a great time to start. Our daughter was off her bottle completely by 9 months and used a soft spout cup (made by advent or gerber) and she never looked back! The younger they are, the easier it is! I watched my sister try to break her 16 month old son from the bottle and it was pure h*ll! He would kick, scream, punch, throw things and everything when he wanted his bottle. He even broke a window with the cup my sister gave him. Good Luck though!!
it really depends on the baby, my lil girl has been on the cup since 9 months,but all babys are diffrent.but no later than 12 months...
by the age of one
I would say by one it's good to be totally off the bottle. My 8 month old son is now off the bottle except he still has one at bedtime. He uses cups for meals and for a big serving of formula between lunch and dinner. If you are going to try to be off bottles by one year, you should start introducing the cup now, though.
It all depends on the child. water bottle at night, milk in cup.
If you take the bottle away too soon, they like all of us, will sub one habit for another.
YOU certainly don't want to wean the baby off the bottle, have another baby w/in 6 months and give the bottle to the new one.

t of adults have oral fixations,
Cigars, Cigerettes, nail biting, hand sucking, finger in the mouth,
twisting and chewing on their hair, pulling at their ear... etc.
due to having the bottle taken away too soon.

I missed my comfort of that bottle, so she put water in it for me, and let me have it at bedtime. She teased me about it, and when i was 3-5 she quit washing it out for me, and i would have to clean it if i wanted clean water, one night I remember reaching for it, and it had fallen between my bed and the wall..i must not have used it for a few days, and it was all fuzzy and gross.

Don't take the bottle away too soon! Binky's look aweful in a 3yr old's mouth. Believe me, they won't be carrying the bottle to preschool..and if they do, good ole peer presure will asure them that it's not the norm.

I hope that helps.
*Just think of how many Adults today carry a water bottle around with them! Comfort? or is it really for the water?

Good luck and happy weaning!

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