Is it illegal to spank your own children in the United states?

I'm not saying abusing them or leaving bruises on them because I think this is wrong, but is it illegal to spank their behinds when they do something wrong? Or does it vary from state to state?Answers:  

I don't spank my daughter, but my husband (her dad) does sometimes. He never leaves a mark, pops her as many years as she is old (she's three, so three pops), and has never done it out of anger or irritation. When she gets spanked its because she was in danger...she has a tendency to try to get too close to the road, for example.
Where I come from, if you don't beat them daily, you are responsible for whatever they do later in life.. whithin moderation,
kill someone and you die,
steal and you are taken from
people like to get excited and pretend the use of violence for parenting is illegal in the US, but it is not, alas.

We have a child welfare system so overburdened that they don't respond to egregious neglect cases. They certainly don't respond to hitting.

If people think it is illegal, great. Maybe that will help them loose their ignorance, violence, and harmful parenting and actually learn how to raise kids to have self-discipline, instead of raising them to fear their parents.

How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids will Talk is a great manual for teaching parents to actually parent, instead of popping, smacking, whacking, scaring, and otherwise messing up their kids.
I don't think so, but don't you hate how people give you a dirty look if your child is misbehaving in a public place and you smack thier behind...
No, it is not illegal, though measures have been attempted to make it illegal. As long as you do not leave welts, bruises or other physical signs of trauma, it's perfectly legal to spank a misbehaving child.
can´t you limit the child with somethin else such as a tv ban? spankin is always hurtin and the child will lose faith in you every time you do, you might not realize it but it´s true!
no it's not, but I wouldn't do it
its not illegial to spank your own children as long as your not leaving marks then it is consituted as abuse

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