Can 2 positive O parents have negative A child?


it is possible and how you may ask! well you get 2 have 2 genes in your body for the blood typing 1=your mothers 2= your fathers so one becomes recessive and another becomes dominant! O is recessive always. Lets say the father has an OO (from both his parents) and the mother carries O as her blood type however she has a recessive of A so shes OA so there is a 25% chance of giving off an offspring that is A but will also carry the O gene. However the chances of the child being O are grater at a 75% chance
NO. The baby won't have the genes for A or negative. It will be O+
Absolutely not. If that happens there is another daddy somewhere.
no they cannot
yes it is possible! remember you still have hes familys geans and yours running through the child! so you will never know untill she or he is tested!
I am O positive and my ex was also O positive...
our 14 yr old daughter has O negative blood type...she also collected the negative RH factor...the Dr gave us a print out of her blood type because she gathered all the negative factors
you have O positive blood but both of you carry the recessive gene for the negative and if the child collects them during gestaiton ...she/he will be negative blood type
well both of my parents are a+ and so am i so i guess it just depends
Yes, as long as someone in the family has negative blood. I am A negative and my husband is B positive and my son has AB negative. Then both of my parents are negative and my brother is postive. Anything can happen when you have a child.
No, the people would definately only be able to have children with O blood.

rent who is A and a parent who is B could have almost any combination. Each person has two sets of genes for blood type, and either set from each parent could be passed on to the kid. O is the type that puts no antibodies into the blood, and A and B are two types of antibodies you produce if you have the genes for them. If you have the genes, they will be expressed (this isn't like hair color where there are dominant and recessive genes that can skip generations.)

Type O parents have two sets of O genes, and have to pass O genes to their child. AB parents have one of each factor, A parents may have two A genes or and A gene and an O gene, and B parents also may have two B's or a B and an O.

A and B parents, one of the parents must have each factor the child recieves, but there are a lot more combinations possible if you don't know more about the genetics of the parents.
Two A parents (AA,AA or AO,AA or AO,AO) could have type A(AA or AO) or type O (OO) children, but not type AB or B, becuase neither parent had a B to pass on.

Before freaking out too much, make sure the parents are sure of their blood type. Many people don't know theirs. The type O blood type is the universal donor, so a person of any blood type can receive type O blood--just because a doctor gave you a type O transfusion doesn't mean you are type O.

A - A: A, O
A - B: A, B, AB, O
A - O: A, O

O: B, O
B - AB: A, B, AB
O -O: O
O - AB: A, B

t were impossible, blood typing wouldn't be being replaced with DNA testing for paternity testing.
No, absolutely not
actually YES. My partner is B+ and I am A-, our youngest is 0+. I can assure you that I didn't have an affair, and he is our child. I asked the midwife and she said that blood type can be a throw back, and not to believe everything you see on tv. When we investigated it turned out that my mother was an 0 blood type, which is where the throw back came into play.

I can assure you that my partner never doubted me for a second, we were just curious to know how it could happen, and she was more than happy to give us an answer...she also went so far as to tell my partner that if he had any doubts then she would get a doctor in to explain to him, but the answer would be the same
absolutely not,,,it doesnt matter what else is in the family.Only matters what mom and dad are.

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