Why are white kids so disrespectful to their parents and cuss at them?

Everytime I went to my white friend's house when we were kids they were always disrespectful to their parents and would call them names like "bitc*" and "wank3r" all the time. What brought this all back was a documentary I saw last night where these kids were cussing at their parents and slamming doors in their faces...why?Answers:  

TTER question would be how kids become disrespectful of their parents. Rephrase and maybe you'll get better answers.
This has absolutely nothing to do with their race. Its obviously just the parents who arent teaching their kids to respect them. Children of all races do the same thing if they have parents who dont discipline.
I have to say if I was disrespectful, my mom would of slapped my face and spanked me also grounded me. I knew better than to disrespect her, she put fear in me. I also loved my mom and respected her as a person as to I wouldn't call or treat her badly. I can't say it's just white children, at least not all. BUt if a child disrespects their parents it's because they do not respect them and the parents have not established authority.
The problem is inproper parenting, not race. If the parents allowed it and/or disrespect each other, then the kids are being shown that it is ok and that is how you treat people.
hmmmmm sounds like they needed my black parents who if they even thought you were thinking bad words you got that a*S*S beat parents need to stop being their kids friends and start being parents and also say F*U* C*K* this law on how to punish your kids and what methods you can use to (spank lol) them its called tear that a*s*s* up and then give them the phone to call 911 and also let them know the number is on speed dial lol
Trust me it's not just white kids
You can blame race if it makes you feel better, but I think more simply, it's how people parent...If you are a parent you must demand a certain amount of respect. You can not allow your children to talk to you, or others in that manner. I have an 11 year old son, so trust me I know a little about talking back, being rude, etc. But my son would never curse at me, and if he does, whoa! He would be intruduced to a new meaning of "being grounded" for sure...

With dicipline and proper parenting, you can decrease (not elliminate) alot of the problems with children... HTH
They called them these names because they were dirty little spoiled English kids. My gf is English, and has all kinds of stories about how her parents beat the crap out of her. I told her she probably deserved every single one of those beatings.
the same reason I see black kids spit in people faces. It is called lack of respect and discipline
I wouldn't make this a "white" issue. I would call it poor parenting.

a parent. I assure you my kids never would get away with doing something like that in my home, nor would any of their friends.

Parents need to set limits on their kids' behavior. Kids need to be taught to show respect. And, yes, kids need to be punished if they act inappropriately.
That's certainly not the norm for white kids! My children are both white and they are wonderful. They are teenagers (one in college, one in high school), and they treat us with respect. In addition, their teachers and their friends' parents have always told us how courteous and polite they are. The key is that we have always treated them with respect and have always explained how far being courteous will carry them in life.

e are plenty of screwed up families of all colors. It's not a white thing.

Regarding TV- it's sensationalism usually. They like ratings. They show the worst of the worst. Maybe what you saw was a valid documentary, but a lot of times TV shows just show what will shock people.
I didn't realize this was a race issue. I have seen kids of all races do this ever since I was a police officer. The kids who don't do this are either:
A) polite and well-mannered by nature.

I am white and I would never have spoken to my parents like that. Likewise, my children don't speak that way to me or my husband. We treat eachother with respect. It is a simple matter of teaching children respect at an early age and by being a good example for them to follow.

Sadly, not everyone should procreate and you witnessed a good reason why.
I don't feel that it is a race issue. A lot of it has to do with the school environment. Kids today are around a entirely different atmosphere. With DSS and other agencies taking away parental rights, parents have no alternatives. Other times, it is that the parents have different parenting styles and the kids know that and use that to cause conflicts between the parents. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH NOT TEACHING THEM CORRECTLY.
I am a kid, but it depends on the situation at hand for when you can blame the kids for being disrespectful. The problems come when one side, the kid or parent (s), feels a lack of respect from the other side. This can be the case for a backlash and the kids starting to disrespect the adults. Usually its a lot more than this. Disrespect can be caused by lack of communication, uncooperation in what could start out as calm situations, and other disrespect.
I don't think it is a race thing, I think it goes back to the parenting. I will say though, that white parents do tend to be more relaxed with their parenting, no spanking, and the "letting the kid express himself", where as a black parent is more likely to beat the crap out of the kid for acting up, so they are scared to misbehave around their parents. Blacks and hispanics are all about respect in the world, from their children and from society and will cause a fit if they feel they were "disrespected". The problem is it usually turns into a race issue which is unfortunant.

d abuse is simply that, abuse, but parents failing to properly discipline their children can be nearly as harmful by allowing their children to grow up wildly disrespectful. If a child is never taught to respect his/her parents, then how likely is he/she to respect a boss at work, or laws and the police? It's like the old adage failure to plan is a plan for failure: failure to raise responsible adults is in fact raising irresponsible ones...
Whatever the race, I blame it on the parents. What did the parents of those children do?? Probably nothing. Maybe not always but for the most part, parents are not correcting them. This started as toddlers. Parents are afraid to discipline children. They will say "Honey, don't do that" and that is the end. Smack their hands and rear. I don't say beat, I say smack. Sometimes they might barely feel it but the surprise of the smack does wonders toward discipline. I am of the older generation that believes in pattling. (not beating)
t'What you are witnessing is a deterioration of the American (NA) family. One of the main reasons is that their parents had no proper upbringing. (no morals).How can they set an example to their kids? They drink, smoke and fool around in front of their kids, They show them (the kids) no respect.
So they cant get any respect too.
Also you have to train and mould your kids from small, not when they become teenagers? Finally, many parents don't give quality time to their kids , they use the easy way out, they try to buy their love with toys and material things, which never work.. Too commercialized just like their love.
hahaha you are so funny, and so young you do not realize. most children, no matter what race, cuss and yell at their parents. Your parents have taught you to be racist, break away from the cycle and just call everyone green.
i'm white, and my mom would have beat my @ss if i ever called her anything bad. but i know what you mean. i've noticed it a lot more now-a-days too.
It has nothing to do with race. But I would advise that you read on some of the questions and answers in regards to displine that are on this sight. Look for responses from people like "Beeps" & "Lil Suz" and you will see exactly why children are growing up to disrespect.
I don't think it is a race issue, either. My son goes to school with African-Americans, whites, and Asians. Some are disrespectful, and others are polite. There is no correlation to race.

Now, as a parent, I can tell you what the problem is--- those children who are cursing at their parents are most likely not well-parented. Their parents probably did not discipline them or teach them to be respectful. They just want to be their children's "friend".

I would lose those white friends, and try to find better friends, regardless of their skin color.
My white kids don't act this way.
I'm white and I would have NEVER done such a thing - I also have 3 children and they better NEVER do such a thing!
Black kids and white kids are the same on the inside and are equally as bad. I think the reason they're disrespectful to them is because there parents aren't fair enough and treat them like they are 5, so they are getting back at there parents, but it is HORRIBLE to do.

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