My kids are behaving so bad that i took their christmas away, is this to strict?

My two boys ages 5 and 6 have been acting up for the last 2 weeks and ive told them that if they keep it up santa will not come this year. Today they decided to poke a baseball size hole in the wall with a pair of scissors. SHould I take christmas away or is that too harsh?Answers:  

of the day they are your kids so its up to you how you punish them!
Maybe not take it away but delay it until later in the afternoon so they learn a lesson. And make them help fix the hole.
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I don't think that that is too strict. They were
naughty. Santa doen't give present to naughty
it make be too harsh but they put a hole in your wall so you need to take it away but they are just being boys.
Yes, way too strict.
I think taking a Christmas away is way too harsh. Christmas is a very fun event for everybody, and if you take it away from someone, it can mean a lot. You should try a different punishment.
Mine is 4 and so I totally understand how your feel. I think taking christmas away at this age is just a tad bit harsh although I do agree with you on some points. Christmas is on Monday I suggest you really lay it on them and tell them one more mistake and Christmas is out the window. They are old enough though to understand a warning. Don't completely take it away though just scare them.
It might be a hard thing to do but you did warn them and they are old enough to know what they're doing is wrong....
BEAUTIFUL! Wow, that's some courage. Instead of taking it away, use the whole coal routine in a stocking. Then the legend of Christmas lives on, and they are punished. Could you imagine what the kids at school would say to them? Wow! Please, please, please, please, PLEASE do it. Then comment back. I NEED to hear about this.
my mum always told me that you should never talk about a punishment that you cant hold up as a parent i do that.
you said santa wouldnt come if they misbehave..well they have misbehaved maybe take all the pressies from santa away and only give them the pressies from mum and dad only..i always hang their stockings and tell the kids that santa fills the stockings and all the pressies under the tree are from mum dad and family friends...leave the stocking empty or just take it down...that way you can say santa didnt come.

harsh but they are young enough to get over it and hopefully it will be a good lesson learnt.
hunny that's okay but still get them them the wrapped presents on Christmas sand make them earn it back.also it may b too harsh because they are so small and even though u may have said that's wrong,they still cannot put 2 and 2 together.think about how u were at 5 and 6.Christmas is the best holiday for small children,besides Easter and there bday.
Don't take their Christmas away.... they are in the holidays and are all excited....
Sounds to me you like you aren't a very good parent to begin with. Go ahead and take their xmas so they'll have a reason to hate you other than bad parenting.
Tell them Santa will only come if they mend that hole. That'll teach them problem solving skills and lighten the problem a little. Don't impose too many punishments especially during the festive seasons because they'll grow up really resentful. Every kid goes through his/her phase of mischief in one way or another. My brothers and I used to flood up the whole house with water but we turned out alright eventually. Then again, we also never ever forget one particular Christmas when our parents shouted and screamed at us.
Christmas is for the children. I think it is a little to harsh to take christmas away from them. I mean kids behave bad trust me, I have two. I mean just think about it, you did some bad things when you were a child too!! Don't make your children lose all their faith in christmas. What would you have done if your parents took christmas away from you?? If you didn't want them poking a hole in your wall with scissors why were the scissors in their reach?? Well good luck and the choice is yours but I really suggest that you think about your children!!
Do it, my dad did to me, went the whole day without a present, because i smashed my mothers (her grandmothers) very rare and expensive Chelsea Porciline vase, looking for my presents.

I got my Presents at 3pm the next day, and I never broke anything else looking for them again. I may have cried at the time, but I learn't a goo lesson, when I was threatened the next year, I was good as gold...
Christmas is not all about presents anyways. Teach your child the real meaning of Christmas. Then, maybe delay the presents thing until Christmas night or a day after.
I take a present away rather than the whole Christmas. My 10 year old has lost 3 presents already. Take it out of the closet show it to the kid and then make a trip to the store and have the child return it. It is hard for them to see that they had it and lost it.
It is beyond harsh - it is cruel. Santa loves all children.

should however mention that you talked to Santa and that he will be giving some of their presents to other children who haven't been so naughty.
If you said santa would not come then you better stick to your guns or they will never take your warnings seriously. You could give them a present or two from mom and dad but tell them that their behaviour disappointed santa and you agreed with him when he said they didn't deserve gifts this year. Tell them that only good behavior is rewarded and bad behaviour is not. I don't think it's too strict at all if you have a five and six year old cutting holes in the wall. They know better than that. They are testing their limits and you need to set the boundries so they understand where they stand.
Trust you initial instincts, you know what's best to get through to your children. None of us know them better than you do.
Good luck hun and Happy Holidays!

re out a different punish ment.
Take away all there toys now until christmas.
no matter how bad they act christmas is a time of family and cheer. it is about jesus no u and you should punish them after christmas(u are otherwise a horrible parent and they will make you regret it when they are older)
well santa doesn't give presents to bad girls and boys - even the song warns them of that. but then the question is what about the presents from you? i think you should make them help fix the hold then we'll see how they act together. it might just be they need to get out (weather permitting) and use up some of that excess energy.
Take Christmas away! Take the presents back to the store and use the money to fix the wall!
If you don't teach them now who the boss is in your house you are going to have problems when they are teenagers.
wow!! that is really strict, i dunno if it is too harsh but think about how they would feel wakeing up to no gifts. That is something that they would never forget
could be.

up a chart on the refridgerator and tell them that each has (# of gifts coming to them) but they each just lost one.

draw pictures of gift boxes (one for each gift they would have gotten) and put a big X over one of them. every time they are bad you can X out another. this way they can see each of their gifts going one by one with each bad behavior.

is a much stonger lesson, one that they have control over.

good luck
No, Maybe you can talk to them and have them think of ways that they can earn some of it back but if they don't want to then take it all away.
I understand how frustrating it can be with such young children, but you cannot take away Christmas. Christmas is a time for giving and loving and you do not want your children growing up thinking that it is a "bad" holiday. I would make sure that they cannot get to the scissors. Take away the TV, their toys, their play time, but don't take away Christmas. It is a special time for children, they need it. Good luck!

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