How much would you pay for the kids to see santa?

took the kids to see santa at the local garden centre on sunday and they were charging £4 each to see him, and that included babies!How much would you be willing to pay just so your kids could see santa?Do you think it's fair that you should pay to see him or are buisnesses just getting too stingy?Answers:  

t have been a bit expensive but gave kids a lasting memory. way. That's very unkringleish.
There is no such thing as Santa
Mcdonalds in my town is having dinner with santa for free. Im bringin a camera.
If you think £4 is too much, then you have the consumer's choice of not taking the children along to see Father Christmas. There is no fixed rate. It's what YOU can afford that matters.
no thats sad
christmas isnt about
making people pay to see their hero
they should be able to go in for free

ink its fair because your paying for someone to play santa
I think it is ridiculous to be charged for the kids to see Santa. I understand paying to get a picture, but just for the kid to sit on his lap. No. It's not right.
It would be great for a company social standing if the parents were shopping at the store/outlet to let the children see Santa for free. If someone just came in for that purpose, to just let their children to see Santa, then it should not cost more than three to five dollars for a family with four children and for the only child family it should be maybe one or two dollars. It is the Christmas season and all kids love Santa.
i went to a garden centre with my daughter and niece last year.was charged £4 for kids and £6 for me!! then they had the cheek to ask for £2 each for a Polaroid photo of the kids with Santa! what a rip off.
I've boooked my kids into see santa on Xmas Eve ;O) It is costsing £5 a kid BUT they spend ages with him, pick a substantial gift and and have upto an hour in Santa's groto so not too bad... better than only a few mins !
completely agree hun, near me they have a fantastic santa, real beard and proper big belly, very easily thought of as the real santa, its free to see him just to tell him what theyd like for christmas, but for a photo its £7.50, you get to have all your children in the picture. they give you the print as well, so you can always go and have an enlarged print done from somewhere else. i think thats a lovely idea instead of giving presents, and if you dont want the picture they can still tell santa what they want for free.
I always went with the expectation of being ripped off, but because I chose to go, I didn't mind. It's not something you are going to do very much - kids grow out of it very quickly, so enjoy it while it lasts, and shop around for the best value.
Nothing, I'm not religious but the last time i looked Xmas was about Jesus.
I reckon everyone is commercialising Christmas. Its all about profits these days. Personally I wouldn't pay to see him. There are free options, although admittedly not that frequent. I think a pound would be more in the spirit of Christmas goodwill. I certainly wouldn't pay more than that!
Most kids are terrified of the bearded stranger anyway...why waste your money. Besides, Christmas is not about Santa Clause, it is about our lord and saviors birth. Take this oportunity to stay home and teach your children the true meaning. Or visit a shelter for battered and abused women and children with some presents and let the kiddies give them to the people who can't afford to go see santa.
If it's the real Santa I would pay about 100 pounds. If it's one of these fakes they seem to have lying about I would pay 50p as the guy would still make a good profit in a day. If the kids complain about not seeing a fake Santa tell them he's a fake and the real Santa doesn't have time so other bad men use his name to make money.
You have to pay?? I've never heard of having to pay to sit on santas lap.
I wouldn't pay anything! I would go find the free santas.
You shouldnt have to pay to see Santa. I can understand paying for pictures with Santa but just to sit on his lap and talk to him for a minute, umm no.
So far I have been lucky that way with my kids. There are enough good spirits here that they volunteer their time and dress as Santa and do the rounds.
My girls got to see Santa at my staff childrens party, the postal office has a volunteer service that sends out letters from "Santa" They have a special address for kids to send their letters.
If there is to be a charge to see the man it should at least be by donation and go to a local charity.

thing you may want to do.I taught my kids a long time ago Santa can't spend all his time in malls so he gets special workers to sit for him and gather the information from the kids about what they want. Then they report back to Santa. That way I don't have to answer the "why does Santa look different?" question.

In a big city I wouldn't pay more than $5-8 per child. I'm not sure what that would be in your denomination but it's about as much as a McDonald's combo meal here.
I have paid £12 to see Santa. Yes thats £12!! Last year I had to queue for 2 hours to see him and he was good but the yr before I didnt like the Santa at all.

There was also a Santa who came round the streets of our village on a sleigh being pulled by a car, with Christmas music blaring out of loudspeakers. He had a load of elves with him who were collecting for a local charity. My 2 yr old son enjoyed that more than the shopping centre Santa.
my two year old and four year old love Santa we live on island and they have two party and see Santa and get a present. i payed £2.50 each for one of the party's and £12 each for his next one on Thursday. who cares whats a few pound to c ur child smile and get in to the festive spirit.
maybe a small donation to pay for the 'santas' fees but paying to sit on a strangers lap is not good thing!!
if you thinnk about it rationally its actually quite funny!
I took my son to see was £8...per child AND adult! My son is 3 but got a toy for a one year old and no photo

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