How much blood do you get with implantational bleeding?

Just wondering if it is bare spotting or light flow. For an hour or two days (how long does it last)?Answers:  

ou are experiencing a bright red flowing (slippery) blood then it is better to assume you have your period, but if you get a positive pregnancy test as well as flowing blood then contact your doctor as soon as you can.

How does it happen? When the embryo attaches to the the uterus it borrows its way into the lining called he endometrium, which is rich in tiny blood vessels. These blood vessels can be damaged during implantation, and the blood is lost. Normally it is just absorbed back into the body but sometimes a few drops can make their way down towards the cervix and to the outside of the body.

n the onset of a period is mistaken for implantation bleeding, but it could be for other reasons - hormonal changes, infection, abrasions from sexual intercourse, or even slight injury to the cervix caused by the patient herself from looking for implantation bleeding. Don't laugh, I have seen it happen.
usually just a little spotting- may last a few days
I never had any implantation bleeding.
Any amount of bleeding at implantation is possible; however, it is usually light pink and heavy enough only to warrant wearing a panty liner. It generally lasts only a day.

Having sex in early pregnancy can also cause spotting because your cervix is what they call "ripe" -- it is full of blood, making a comfy, cozy atmosphere for Baby.

If you find yourself needing to wear a maxi pad, please see your Dr.
I bled for about 3 or 4 days and at first it was very heavy, I thought I was miscarrying (first child), but then the doctor told me what was happening and by the 3rd or 4th day it was a very light flow. I think it probably differs from person to person though.
It varies from person to person. If there is little to no pain with the bleeding, and you are not soaking through a pad in less than 2 hours, then its probably just implantation bleeding. If you are having lower abdomen cramps, lower back pains, soaking a pad quickly, or are further along than 3 months, call your healthcare provider.
If it is more than a pad an hour than it is not a good sign. Implantation bleeding can last up to 3 weeks. Mine lasted 16-18 days with my first pregnancy. I have a healthy son now.
Its usually brownish in color and can last anywhere from 1 to a few days. If its bright red in color seek medical attention. (if you have had a positive pregnancy test)
I had implantation bleeding only for 2-3 days and it was not much. It was only when I went to wipe that a light pink would appear. Some women get and others dont.
hi dont know whether this helps last week i had a slight bleeed for about a day and i was thinking what is happening to me
I thought I had started my period-it wasn't heavy or anything. It was mild spotting for a day or two, then nothing.

Good luck!

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