Are menstrual like cramps a sign of anything during the 9th month?

In the mornings I usually have mild to more intense (nothing I can't handle) menstrual like cramps. I was just wondering if this was the cause of more stretching in the abdomin or if it could possibly be the beginning of birth pains? Thanks so much!Answers:  

s your body preparing you and the baby for big day. You will know the different between BH contractions and real ones.
You could be having Braxton-Hicks contractions. These are harmless contractions that help your body get ready for labor. Time them and see how far apart they are. When they are no longer sporadic it is time to call your doctor because you are more than likely in labor. Good Luck!
Beginning labor feels like mild menstrual cramping. However you could have it for days or weeks before the action happens. If you have bleeding with them or they become regular and increase in intensity it is the real thing.
yep thats the beginning of labor. it can still be a long long time but thats what it wil feel like. pack your bags and get your cell phone charged, just wait and see. when you are in labor you wil start to feel them a little more than that and more of an on/off thing not just one big ache. but if it is persisitant, even if its not that bad you might want to go anyways. i didnt know i was in labor because I have had regular period cramps worse than labor. so i waited and waited and they werent worse so at my doctors appointment they told me i was in labor and was 100% effaced! I was shocked! Good luck!
It could be a variety of different things. It could be the baby moving farther down into position, which will cause you to dialate and efface (thin out). It could be broad ligament pain as well from the weight of the baby being pulled downward by gravity. You could have a UTI that is causeing mild cramping (caused by mild bladder spasms). It could be milder beginning stages of labor. I wish you the best of luck and I pray that you have a healthy baby!!!
When I was pregnant, my Braxton Hicks contractions felt like me stomach tightening. I could feel how tight the muscle got when I pushed my finger into it.

However, when I went into labor, my contractions were exactly like menstrual cramps, just 100 times worse.

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