Can putting heating pads across breast help start labor?

Answers:   I am not sure about that, but I have read that nipple stimulation may help but who knows if it really does or not.
Yeah, right. When your boobs heat up the contractions will start. Ha Ha HA
I don't think it'll help. Try McDonald's chicken nuggets. I had craving for them the night before I delivered!
You should not be using heat pads of any description. Raising the core temperature of your body in any way is dangerous for your baby as they cannot regulate there body heat yet. This is for the same reasons you are not allowed a sauna, jacuzzi or hot bath when pregnant. Please seek proper medical advice before doing this. Good luck.
I have never heard of that one, but nipple stimulation helps. You can also try walking and light exercise. Sexual intercourse is also said to help start labor. You can also try looking up herbal remedies, or you can just wait for the baby to come on his or her own time which is usually best unless the baby is over due.
sex, walks, bumpy car rides, nipple rubbing all help or so they say. Didnt help me or my sis any... Never heard of the hot pad thing worth a try. Let us all know!
I don't know about heating pads, but I do know that breast stimulation causes a release in prostagladins that will cause you to contract. Good luck ~ it's worth a try!
heating pads are not safe. The baby will come when he or she is good and ready. If not then your doctor is the best one to decide - not you.
no labor starts on its own because of a certain chemical that your body makes. there is nothing you can do to get labor started just be patient.
No you never use heating stuff when you're pregnat it does something to the baby
I've not heard that. It may ease the discomfort of enlarged/engorged breasts and promote milk flow later when you're breastfeeding bur it won't do anything to start labor. One natural way of starting labor, though, is nipple stimulation. It release a natural hormone called oxytocin from the pituary gland in the brain that acts on the uterine muscle to cause contractions. Orgasm causes the same chemical release too! The synthetic chemical that doctor's use to induce labor or control bleeding after delivery is called Pitocin, the chemical twin to oxytocin. It is thought that the oxytocin release from the brain is meant reduce the size of the uterus through cramping and subsequently reduce bleeding as the baby breastfeeds (nipple stimulation). But you can use this knowledge sometimes to help labor along if wished--husbands preferred!--or prevent preterm labor if you're not due yet by avoiding these behaviors. Good luck!
No this won't work, it'll just make your breasts warm. If you are trying to get into labor there are a few things you can do to help it. First off, you can go to a certified massage therapist that has a certification in prenatal massage and have the therapist massage the labor points on your feet. The other thing you can do is have sexual intercourse, the sperm from a man's ejaculation will help to put you into labor.

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