Is it safe to use feminine wash for a pregnant woman?

My wife was using Lactacyd before but hesitant to use now that she's preggy.
Answers:   I would think a Wash like a gel would be OK but not a douche. the Baby is surrounded by a sac and is enclosed in the uterus by the cervix but the doctor advises not to douche. Good Luck!
on the outside

not on the inside
whenever pregnant it is always best to ask the OBGYN regarding anything yall are questioning or wondering about, good luck!
summers eve has a really good feminine wash i even used it in my water for a bubble bath good luck
my gyno said to never wash with anything down there. i was really self conscience about it at first, for obvious reasons, but after i stopped, your bodies natural scent, or at least mine, was..natural in a great way. [husband says] anyway, doc explained that we are so sensative down there that adding perfumes or powders or whatever irritates it even more. and especially since she's pregnant, i wouldnt use anything. you know he also said not to have oral sex because the man could somehow blow air up inside?never heard that, but it could cause problems.
my ob said its not only safe but it helps alot with the odors she will have from the discharge!!
no douches, but like someone else said, summers eve has a fem wash for sensative skin. there are no dies or perfumes in it , i used it through out all 4 of my pregnancies. never any problems but yeah ask your ob to be safe.
On the outside Lactacyd is ok,it doesn't bother her PH! I'm pregnant and i use too!:)

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