Is it normal for my baby to move so much?

im 27 weeks pregnant and since 2 days ago my baby has been moving alot. should i worry about anything?Answers:  

member when I was pregnant and my son felt like he was practacing karate in my tummy @_@

If it bothers you to much then go and talk to your dr about it. If you have anything that bothers you during your pregnancy talk with your dr no matter how odd they sound because at least you won't be stressing and putting that stress on your unborn baby and reassurance has never hurt anyone. :)
i used to call my baby a boxer it felt like somersaults,i could grab his toes and kind move him ,and some day's you could count every toe outside my stomach.
don't worry ,good luck ,by the way some days he/she going to be real still ,still enough for you to wonder ,don't worry also they sleep a whole lot .
I am sure you and your baby are fine! When I was pregnant with my daughter - you could actually look at my my belly and see her flip-flopping around! My son on the other hand - I hardly felt move at all! All babies are different - I have a healthy 15 yr old and a healthy 10 yr old now. I agree with another answer though...worry when he/she STOPS moving! Best of luck to you!
movement is totally normal even if its ALOT =) you should try to find out if you are having twins-they double the movement =)
No - perfectly normal
I'm in my 8 mths..U r 27 weeks..yr baby got plenty of room inside yr uterus to move around.enjoy every movement of is really normal in fact it shows tat yr baby is healthy.Have a great day enjoy yr pregnancy..take care...
they say a baby can move anywhere from 200 - 500 times a day. Its completely normal. I get a little worried when I notice my son isnt kicking as much. Good luck.
Nope not at all, you need to worry when you stop feeling movement or when it isn't moving as much. Congrats!
no,good sign,he still alive
It is normal and completely weird (for you) for your baby to move as much as it wants. To help you get used to it start answering the baby as if he/she is asking you a question. Also you could tell baby not to kick you like that, or push (example), baby won't listen but it will help you feel more like you have a baby inside and less like a strange being from another planet.
no, at least you know its alive
it's normal. movement is good!
no. its compleatly normal for your baby to move alot. Especially when your resting.
My lil boy moved so much i sat for two hours for them to try and catch his heartbeat...and that wasnt the only time...for me to try and count 10 kicks took me bout 1 minute. my lil man is now 21mths old and is still a very active lil boy :o)

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