How to stop a two year old from throwing fits!!?

Every time I leave her at daycare my two year old throws herself on the floor. She has been going there for a year and this just started happening all of a sudden how can I help her stopAnswers:  

his age, I'd give your child a kiss & hug. Tell her that (whatever her teacher's name is) will take good care of her. Now you're going to work and you'll see her at X time.

Be predictable and consistent and this phase your daughter is in should pass eventually. Best of luck to you!
my kids used to do that to me, and my provider said as soon as I left they would stop their fits in a minute! Ask the day care provider what she does after you're gone for a few minutes.
She acts in a way to try to get your attenetion. If that attention is not given the action would be lead to extinction. The reward for her fits is your attention, if you stop the reward then she has no reason to throw a fit.
I am going through the same thing. My only thought at this time is to wait until he is 3.
I know it is hard but walk away it's best to ignore it, she will stop after you leave. she wants attention any kind good or bad you are reinforcing the behavior. After she see's you will not respond the behavior will stop.
You really can't. She is doing this because she doesn't want you to leave and is trying to show you she doesn't want you to go. it is a common occurence and can really pull at your heart.
its sound hares don't pay Attn to her when she does it. i know it hurts you to see her dining that but it works.
You can't!! It's a phase she is going through! SHe will one day...just stop! It only lasts for a while and then she probably goes about to play...My son who is almost 3 does this to his dad...if I go to the bathroom...separation!! PLUS she's starting to test her boundries! She'll out grow it and when YOU want her to miss you...she'll kiss you and run off!! That hurts worse!!
It depends on why she is throwing a fit. If she is suddenly starting to miss you more then comfort her, tell her you will be back, and when she is calmer leave. But if she is just misbehaving ignore her. She may just want to get attention and if you ignore her she will probably stop. But also, make sure she DOES get enough attention at home and doesn't have to resort to fits to get some. If you really love and care about your child you can usually figure out reasons behind things and how to remediate them. I know that I love children! :) Good Luck!
Lay on the floor and have one with her...I used to do that with my daughter. We would end up laughing our heads off! Wonder if she would do that with me today...she is 16. If that doesn't work, spank her little bottom!
well if she's already been dere fa a year den all of a sudden she throwin fits den u need to talk to dem daycare ppl cuz somethin ain't soundin right.
the best thing you can do is ignore her. this is just a plea for attention. if you come back in she will continue.
i hope you dont think i am too harsh but my mother spanked my brother and i when we were growing up especially when we were throwing tantrums...I think a lot of parents don't want to b/c they're scared but when i got spanked it showed me that she was in control! I have noticed that a lot of parents outside of the African-American community don't spank but it should work!!
The t.v. nannies very often have good suggestions.
You may want to listen to their shows.

from your child what is I suggest you enroll her at
another certified place.
Well when you go in before turning her over to the place Give her a Hug, Say Good bye, I'll be back or daddy will or whom ever will to pick you up at so and so time. Then turn don't look back or say anything and walk on out.

Other thing is if your married and your husband can Carry your family with out your income Quit and stay home to raise your Child. Remember this is the only time your little girl will be 2 and in her most informative years. Wouldn't you rather be teaching your child your morals and beliefs rather than some PC Daycare? However this may not be for everyone...
you can change the day care or make her stop going
Your baby misses you. You're not going to be able to stop it. She's in a bad phase right now. If you can take a day off and spend some time with her, do that. If you can't, you'll have to let it run its course.

They might also have a kiss-and-go suggestion for you (that is, kiss your daughter and then leave) that will help her calm down more quickly.

Good luck--
From experience I would have to ask , does she have a new teacher? Are there some new kids in her classroom that are giving her a hard time? I went through a similar experience with my two year old. When they changed her teacher, she quit fussing. I don't think she liked the one that was in there with her. I would find out more about what is going on there at the daycare. All of a sudden, she doesn't like it. She has to express herself somehow, and maybe she is trying to tell you something.
Did something happen at daycare? even something unimportant to you could be a big deal to her. Talk to her teacher(s). Maybe she's testing you. If possible, hang around and watch her after you drop her off, without her seeing you. It may be all a show for you. ASK HER. find a time when you and your daughter can talk. Ask her questions about her daycare. ask her about her friends. Ask her about the children that she's not friends with. You may be surprised at some of the answers. Be sure when you talk to her, though, that you have time to listen. During her bath or when your tucking her into bed are perfect times. Ask yourself a questions, too. Has anything changed at home? Kids pick up on little things more than parents realize.
I have a 23 month old who has begun to throw fits out of nowhere. I have tried everything from holding him to the very unpopular spanking (which by the way did not stop the behavior, but only made it worse). I have found that if I just walk away and ignore him, he eventually stops. It breaks my heart to do it cause he is screaming and screaming, but a few minutes later when he comes and finds me and wants me to hold him and tells me he loves me, I know I did the right thing.

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