How can I get kids to settle down at night?

I have 2 children , 4yrs and 2yrs. They used to go to sleep when they were put to bed, but for the past couple of months they just seem to be hyperactive and wont settle they have nonsense like jumping in their beds and laughing. I try playing classical music in their room to settle them down. I don't shout at them but i find myself going up the stair to put them back in their beds, this goes on for hours. Even if I ignore them and don't go up at all they are still up having nonsense, what can I do to just get them to settle down ?Answers:  

r dinner the tv goes off or is turned down at least, the kids play quit games like puzzles or stuffed animals, then bathtime, put in jammies, read a story, and lay down for bed.

You can't just have kids running around all night and then expect them to just lay down and fall asleep. You have to slow things down so they will slow down with it.
have you changed the food or drink that you have been giving them. could be hyperactive due to E numbers. Or has their routine been upset. Try a set routine that they can stick to. For example having tea, watch some telly, bath, then milk & bedtime story.
i would guess maybe don't give them sugary foods and try to make them watch a movie that they really like. it should calm them down and my mom always would give me a glass of milk before i went to bed. i don't know what it does but it worked
carry on doing what you are doing consistency is key when it comes to children, believe i know i never was and still have trouble with an 8 yrs old and 4 yr old, only now am i sticking to a routine and although it takes time it is working.
I have three kids ages 3,5 and 7. The two oldest started the hyper activity at bedtime at about the same ages. I usually seperated one to my bed when they got too out of control. Neither one liked being alone so they settled down easier after a few weeks of nightly seperation. ( I always carried the one in my bed back to their own after they fell asleep) And now we still have days that are like a giant slumber party but on the whole they go to bed a bit easier.
wish i could answer that one but my 9 month old wont settle either. Wish there was a magic potion
Get them back into a routine like bath them give them a warm drink and put them to bed or what ever you feel is best for your situation and be stern with them, this worked with my little boy. Hope this helps you x x x
Start a routine were quite acttivties are right befor bed time. Also if something different has happened resently like a move or any change from the normal it will take time for them to reajust and go back to naormal. I put on a ball room dance cd for my son to watch befor bed and he will either fall asleep watching or be tired enough for bed.
ROUTINE!! They need a good night time routine, tea, playtime bath story and then bed, if they get up which for the first few nights they will, dont talk to them simply pick them up put them in there bed and walk out of the room, it takes time and patience but belive me it works!
Well i would read to them before they go to bed. Reading to kids always helps them settle down! I would maybe also give then a warm bath! There is this bubble bath that is by Johnasin-Johnasin it is lavendar scented and it helps calm kids down! Then put them in bed and maybe rub their backs or play with there hair, that would probably relax them to!
You have to let them know it is not fun time it is time to sleep..

be firm say no bed, even have a star chart and if they get all 7 stars a week they get something special, if one gets it and the other doesn't it will soon sort them out

You will probably find its one waking the other up, just be firm and consistent

ot, try giving them a bubble bath just before bed with a bath-oil that has lavender in it, that will relax them and make them settle down.
a few drops of lavender oil on the pillow
strangely enough my two year old has been playing up for the last couple of nights as well!! I have found reading her a story and having the final cuddle on her bed seems to have settled her tonight! As you have two, perhaps you should stagger their bed times and take the little one first, cuddle and settle, and then read a story to the older one in the lounge. When its time for bed, tell the 4 year old what a big girl/boy he/she is and that we must be quiet now as little one is asleep. I think being rainy weather etc, they are not burning off as much energy as they do in summer,and I found a long walk today definately help mine. Perhaps once you have given them the final cuddle goodnight, and they get up to nonsense, just put them back into bed, without any communication at all. They will soon get bored . good luck!!
about half an hour before you put them to bed try giving them a cup of warm milk then read them a bed time story apparently the milk makes them sleepy good luck and i hope you get it sorted soon.
You have to create a routine. Have a goal of getting them to bed by 8:30 or so. Give them a bath an hour before your set goal time, give them warm milk and make them brush their teeth.

This indicates to them that it is time to wind down. You have to be consistent, and if one day they run over your desired time, no (yelling or punishing).

well after wearing them out after their tea. try winding them down least dont put hyperactive cartoons on the tele...and when you put them to bed, tell them you love them and will see them in the morning and MEAN IT ...its just a phase though it will seem to go on for ages. Put your walkman on when thev'ye gone to bed. your anxiety could rub off on them too.
They are clearly still over excited and craving for your attention. When they are in bed, read them stories, there are some great ones around and do all the voices if you can. They'll love that and will lie still to listen. Sooner or later their eyelids will droop from the sound of your pleasant voice and the comfortable feeling it gives them from having you close. Then you can say gently that it's time for them to sleep and kiss them goodnight, stroking their forehead or whatever.
Get into a routine like that and it should calm them enough to do settle down.
Of course it won't work every time, but it's sure better than anything else I know and they'll remember those times as precious when they've grown up - as indeed will you.
have you tried putting them to bed separate, I had this with my 4 n 2 yr old girls i used to put eldest 1 down then little 1 half an hour later this worked for a while but now they go to bed together with a DVD! also if there has been a change in there routine about the same time they started this it could be due to that try n stick to the same thing Evey night, T-Bath-Bed-Story or DVD in my case ha ha
My son used to be very hard to get to settle down and go to bed. I tried reading stories, routines, baths with the "calming bath" stuff...
my solution was to make up a story instead of reading it to my kids... since I wasn't reading, I could turn off the lights and I'd talk softly, so they had to really listen, without moving about. My story was very descriptive - and since there was no book, they had to use their imaginations to view the story- I would tie in things that would really appeal to them - it's easy to customize a story, because you know what their favorite things are. They ask for this story almost every night now! It gave them something to dream about, too. Mine has to do with a magical world where there are amazing things to see and do, new things are added to switch up the story. The key for me is being so descriptive, so that they can see it in their mind.

I hope it works for you!
Re-establish srong bedtime routine.
Here goes: Family dinner, games & play. Park if they need wearing out.
Quiet play, eg play dough,colouring etc while you run relaxing bath -2 drops lavender essential oil or johnson & johnson sleepeasy bath.

upernanny here we go : on the first time of getting up- pick them up/return to bed saying once, it's bedtime kids/sweeties/etc.
Second you say firmly but calmly, it's bedtime. No eye contact or further comments. As soon as you engage they take it as permission to carry on.
If they get out of bed you pick them up and put them back in.
This is harder for you as you have two doing this but you may find the eldest is your ringleader and the little one just goes along with it and will respond quicker to this technique.

my kids responded well to the naughty bedtime box ( not at two though-bit too young to grasp concept)
In the morning after a bad night you take a toy and put it in lidded stacker box-transparent so they can see your collection build!
As you can see bad bedtimes were my life but a combo of all these things worked. Still not perfect but at least there are consequences for their behaviour now.
Best of Luck!

t them up to bed half an hour before you want them to go to sleep
4) say i am going to let you do something (eg watch a video read book ect ) for a wee wile
5)then read a short bed time story give thma kiss and send them of to bed

ps this might not work straight away but be persistant and your kids will get the message
They are young and I am an uncle and baby sit for my sisters young kids, don't worry I am 23yrs so I have so intellectual ideas for you. Sit with them and give them a head massage this some times relaxes them, read so stories to work out there imaginations this tires them out, or a quite game of eye spy and give the each a hot half glass of milk this is sure to make them feel snug and comfortable, light off normally helps too
i have two children aged 4 an 2.This happened to me a few months ago o.k. my advice is cut down on anything with lots of food colouring in.Pick a bed time that's realistic my bed time for my boys is 7.30pm. At 6.30 tell them OK one hour then its bed time. Time to tidy up toys e.c.t While they are tiding up say o.k bath time in 5 minutes. After bath say OK now we have cosy time read a book with them but keep Ur voice low when Ur reading just to show them its time to settel down..ok 5 minutes untill bedtime take them to bed tuck them up give them a kiss and say good night.If they get up u take there hand and only say, come on time for bed sweetheart, if they get out again only say bedtime and if they do it again DONY SAY ANYTHING JUST TAKE THEM BACK and tuck them in...Try this and stick to it within one week hopefully if will be a case of taking them to bed once... good luck

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