Why do toddlers/young children carry blankets?

Answers:   Laura first i'd like to ask how many kids you have?? So if your child had something that made them feel good & secure you would take that away from them, NICE PARENTING!! We don't let our kids carry stuff around b/c we can't say no it's because that item weather it is a stuffed animal or blanket makes them feel good, it reminds them of home or it could be it has a certain smell from one if not both of the parents & it's just something they get attached to. About a month ago my son (2 yrs.) started carrying around a blanket he had since he was born & it goes anywhere we go, it goes to bed with him, to watch tv with him, & to his grandparents or great-grandparents house. He especially sticks with it when he's tired, it even went to my mom's house last weekend when he spent the night there. Shame on you Laura for thinking us parents are "bad" just because we let our kids have something to stick with that makes them feel good & secure!!
For security reasons...some carry blankets and some carry stuffed animals etc.
The "blankie" is the childs friend who is there in the middle of the night, there when he/she gets sick, blankie is there when teething hurts, when the child is tooo tired to go to sleep so the blankie goes with the child so that he/she isnt alone.
My youngest daughter carries a little blanket with tags all around the edges, all day long. It goes everywhere with us, we bought 2 so one could be in the wash and one in her hand, it hasn't worked like that at all, she just kind of sandwiches them together!
I have no idea why she loves them so much, she is my 5th baby and none of the others did anything similar. But it is clearly some sort of comfort to her, at night she hugs them, in the day she has them to hand, and if we are out and about 'taggie' has to come too, as if we didn't have enough stuff to try and remember!!!
Comfort and security. Honestly, I'd still carry mine around if I could! lol
for security
Security-it is a familiar object that smells like home and gives some feeling that things are ok. Some kids like to rub a blanket or doll so they have a tactile attachment to the item. Others are all about the smell, and some just like the item itself. Not all kids go through this stage. I personally carried around a nasty piglet till it was a few slips of fabric. My son never was attached like this until he changed day cares and for two weeks he clung to his teddy-now he takes it everywhere. It is normal to have an time your keep close, and it is just as normal not to have one. The item makes them feel safe and that is why they get upset if god forbid you leave the thing at day care one day. Plus kids this age are big on routine-keeping the item around is part of the way the day goes-get up, make sure teddy is near, move through the day. Most kids grow out of it at some point-how many college kids do you see holding onto a teddy bear the first day of school :)
Because it smells like home (or maybe mom's perfume) so the child carries it everywhere as a means of comfort and security to remind them of home (the most comfortable place on earth).
Both of my 2 younger daughters LOVED things with tags... fortunately for the youngest , they came out with the line of taggies books just for that reason!! she took it everywhere with her.. one of mine wore out her "comfort silkie" .
makes them feel safe; always there never changes; they had it 4ever
Comfort blanket, personally i think most children dont need them. parents just let them carry them anyway just because they cant say no.

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