What size comes after 24 months in baby clothes?

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I beleive its 2T, then 3T...
2 T or 2 Toddler comes after 24 months!
i've found that after 24 months usually a 2t size fits well not the 1t
2T, 3T, 4T, 5T,6,6x,7

(one T)
2T is the same size as 24-months. The difference is accessibility. Size 24-months assumes your toddler is in diapers. 2T assumes he/she is potty trained, so all of those easy-access snaps go away, replaced with elastic wastebands. The next size after 24-months (or 2T) is 3T.
Its a 2T
2t and hen 3t and then so on
2T then 3T and so on...I've never even heard of a 1T. It stands for 2 Toddler (as in 2 years old) and so on.
1t, 2t, 3t, 4t, 5t etc...
36 months or a 2T. Really, every child isn't going to fall into average guidelines, so you have to look at the height and weight limits on the tags when you purchase clothes. For instance, a child may fit into a 2T pair of pants, but may only be in an 18 month size shirt.

I was confused by this also when my daughter was younger. I think the difference between the 24 month size and the 2T is that the 24 month is bigger in the butt area to leave room for a diaper, while the 2T isn't because many kids are potty trained around age 2.
2t but its alot like 24 months so id say 3t really
2t one of the big differences between 24 mos and 2t is that on 24months the shirts have snaps

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