18 month old can climb out of crib what now??

my child is 18 months and he just learend how to climb out of his crib what now? how am i going to get him to sleep now i can't belive that he will stay in a toddler bed at this age.
Answers:   As soon as they are able to get out of the crib on their own they are ready for a toddler bed. It is very unsafe for your son to be climbing out of a crib. Chances are that if he won't stay in a toddler bed he won't stay in his crib either.Remember he can get out of that too.
I have found that the best way to encourage your child to stay in bed is to be in the room. Do your regular night time routine and before bed explain to him that he has to stay in bed. Then after storys or whatever it is you do...Sit down a few feet away from the bed. Don't look at your child or speak to him. When he gets out of bed you pick him up and put him back in. This will go on for a few nights, but eventually your child will realize that it is just easier to stay in bed, because mommy isn't going to play with me when I get out. As time goes on, slowly make your way towards the door, and then sit outside the door, and then close the door. This is a slow process, but it is one that your child needs to learn, and teaching your child anything can take time...Just wait for potty training.
put him in a toddler bed now
I put my son into a toddler be at 16 mths.. He was growing out the crib and he did wonderful with it.. Sometimes I think the younger they are the better they do with it.. I think it's time to start shopping for a toddler bed.. Good luck to you
if you have lowered the mattress to the lowest point and he can still climb out then it might be time to move to the toddler bed..as long as he sleeps through the night there souldnt be a problem.
can you lower the crib anymore but you know you probally can put up gates in the house and he probally will stay in toddler bed my daughter did
Get a toddler bed, but if you are afraid that he/she may try to come into your bedroom at night, put a baby gate outside their bedroom or just keep the door closed.
us a toddler bed yeah get him use to it, mybe since he likes to be in the big bed he should have on eon his own, stay cool mom don't worry so much, just do that and see haw'll it 'll come out.
i'm sure you can do it
Been there done that. Its time to convert to Toddler bed. Now this can be tricky cause thats when they see they have freedom to get up and roam in the middle of the night which can be very dangerous. So get a toddler bed, and a gate. Put up the gate and be prepared to have some sleepless nights but stick to it! About 2 weeks of disciplining your child to stay in his/her bed and they will start to get the hint. My daughter was that age when she started climbing and its very possible for them to learn to stay in their bed. Children are smarter than we give them credit for. It all depends on how well you stick to it:) Good Luck!
You have my deepest sympathies.
18 months is a little young for the toddler bed, but you may not have a choice! Crawling out of the crib can cause more injury than crawling out of a bed. Both my kids were around 2 when we took them out of the crib, and it took a while for them to adjust (I found my oldest child sleeping on the floor more times that I can count) so you may want to keep a baby gate in the doorway if you don't want to find him in a worse place.
You have to put him in a toddler bed! He might get hurt trying to climb out of his crib. Actually, if he is taller than 35 inches, it's recommended he be in a toddler bed. He probably won't at first! You'll be up during the night, and probably need a new routine. Umm, didn't you think it would eventually happen? Our daughter is 14 months and going into a toddler bed this month. Welcome to parenthood! Good Luck! Maybe your doctor can give you some tips (if they are parents) because our doctor did. Like gating the hallway so she could only go into our room or her own. We rock our baby to sleep every night (have since she was born and I will until she's 20 if I need to because I think it's disgusting to let a child cry themselves to sleep) and then lay her down, so putting her to sleep wasn't a worry for us, just her safety at night if we didn't hear her wake up.
I had the same problem with my first one at 1 years old. He was climbing out of the crib, and I had a device that I could lower the crib so this would try to prevent him from doing this. This did not work either, he still climbed out of the crib. I finally, changed his crim into the toddler bed, I felt safer doing this because if he fell out of this he was at least closer to the ground. I did not have a problem converting him from a crib to a toddler bed. He did awesome sleeping in there everynight. I am a light sleeper, so I knew or he would even come into my room and get me up if he wanted something. Make sure that your house is childproof, if you do plan on doing this, he can get up and get into anything! Good Luck With Him! Hopefully this helps!!
i moved my son to a twin size bed at 18 months, and he did great. it may be hard for you at first, and you might have many long nights putting him back in bed, but it is worth it. he could really get hurt climbing out of his crib,so you don't have much choice. is his crib a convertible, so it will turn into his toddler bed? that might make the transition easier on him. if you have a seperate bed, leave his crib in there for a while while he is adjusting to the big bed. Good luck!
My son did the same thing at that age and I put him right into a toddler bed. I had to lock his door from the outside at night so he wouldnt just get out of bed and wander around. He will learn that he needs to stay in his bed. It'll just take some time. Try skipping naps in the daytime soon. That way he's awake all day and will sleep all night. Keep a nightlight handy too.
18 months is when I moved my oldest two to toddler beds. But if this just doesn't seem like an option you want to take right now, several places sell a crib tent. It attatches to the crib and then it zips to open and close, and the kid can't get out. I know onestepahead.com sells them on their website, but you could probably find them at other places too. As far as toddler beds go, they usually won't stay in them for the first month or so. It takes a lot of work and patience when you do switch, he will probably end up sleeping in your bed unless you are determined. Good luck!
at 15 months in when they say to put them in a toddler bed to avoid this climbing. Just be consistant of the removal of this child from you to his bed. Tell the child he or she is a big boy or girl and needs to sleep in a big boy or big girl bed. It might be hard, but my son was climbing out of his crib at 13 months and he got a twin bed at 15 months. He sleeps in it fine. I have a nightlight for him, and I stayed on his bed for 5 mins singing a lullaby, I moved farther and farther away from him after 5 minute intervals, he slept in his bed and I told him that he is a big boy. He is 2 now with no problems,
It's time for a toddler bed. No, he probably won't stay in it, but you'll have to deal with that sooner or later anyway! My daughter was in a toddler bed at 15 months and my son moved himself our of his crib and into our guest room at 18 months.

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