Best medicine to give 4 year old for cough/ congestion?

what is the best over the counter medicine to give my 4 year old for cough/congestion?Answers:  

The best cough medicine in my opinion is Delsym, you only need to give like 1/2 teaspoon and it lasts all night, even works on us adults too !
I would do either Pediacare or Robitussin or Triaminic. However, don't supress the cough during the day - it's better that they do cough when they're awake - if there's any mucus in their chests, coughing breaks it up so they can get rid of it.
i used robottusin for kids cheap brands work just as well as the expensive ones. i also so use a vicks vaporizor in their room when they are congested and i put vicks rub on their chests and back and a little under the nose and they also have vapor bath stuff at walmart which i only used when they get sick like that. push the vitamin C and zinc it will help body fight cold better. if cold gets really bad you would need to take child into the doctor in case of phnemonia or bronchitis which both need special medications.
Try Mucinex.
Well, I'm with the Robitussin user's and the Dimetapp user's. I have given my kids a combo of both when they are sick and it always works great and is perfectly safe to give together. Just make sure you are dosing them consistently for a couple of days. The Dimetapp helps relieve what's trickling down there throat to make them cough and the Robitussin helps make their coughs more productive. Hope they get better soon.

I use the generic brand at Walmart. Works just as good as the name brand and soooo much cheaper.
i like Robitussin(cf)it relieves coughs,stuffy noses,and chest congestion. it really works i use it for my children and one of them has asthma,it works very well on her with the asthma.oh ya and the store brands work good too just compare them side by side to make sure they have the same amount of meds in it.
make sure to ask your doctor first to see if it is safe for a four year old.

Dimetapp Elixir works and it tastes good too... I had some the other day and it actually tastes good... like drinking Ribena !
Dimetapp DM works great as an OTC, they've (the FDA) taken the pseudoephedrine (sudafed) out of all the otc's now, but it did work the best. the dm is for the cough and now it has bromphenerimine for the congestion.

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