2 yearold Son got bit on the cheek at daycare?

My 2 year old son got bit on his cheek at daycare. Would this call for some action to discipline the kid who did this? Are these daycare centers able to take any actions in these situations? any insight would be helpfulAnswers:  

daycare providers pay attention to children's behavoirs & would remove the child if he exhibited some sort of behavior they found abnormal.
I don't think the teacher would be able to spank the child but take to office or timeout. Then tell both parents what happened.
if this happens then the bitter should be not aloud to come back. at least for a while. this should not be aloud. its the duty of the daycare to make sure that all the children are safe and if one child is causing other children pain then that child should not be aloud in the daycare. you should talk to this childs mother and tell her to do some thing about this childs biting .
Well try to find out the reson that he did it, and then talk to the teachers or his mother!
I worked in a day care where this happened numerous times. The teacher is supposed to seperate the children. This child that was bit is supposed to have the area cleaned with soap and water. Everything needs to be documented. They director of the school is supposed to call you immediatly. If you feel uncomfortable you can ask for your child to be put into a different room.

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t forget that this is how 2 year olds deal with stuff too- they hit, kick, bite, etc., until they learn there are other ways of dealing with their peers.
Immediate discipline is all they could do. The child has completely forgotten what he's done within 5 minutes. Just tell the daycare workers your concerns and to keep an eye on the trouble maker. Also make sure your child is doing nothing to provoke it. you only have control over your own kids.
I worked at a daycare and we had a biter in the 1 year old room. There was really nothing we could do, we informed the mom other than that all we could do was seperate from playing with the other children which worked but it took awhile. Also the daycare provider was not able to tell who the "biter" was
Kids will be kids. A two year old doesn't realize the implcations of his actions, and going after the parents doesn't help either. The ones you should talk to are the daycare employees. It is their job to oversee as best as possible. I would recommend your son see a doctor and have the bite checked. Bite wounds can get infected very easily. Just consider an unfortunate accident, talk to the folks who run the daycare, and even the other kid;s parents. If it happens again, find another daycare. If the other kid has a history of being aggressive and neither the parents or daycare is doing anything about it, then I would put some pressure on the daycare to get rid of the aggressive kid if nothing has been done.
Woah! Are you serious? Did it leave a big mark? Break the skin? Look carefully in your contract with the daycare. When my daughter was in it they had a 'kids will be kids' type of clause that stated kids may bite, kick, each other, etc, they will 'talk with the child ' about it but legally, by signing the contract I couldn't sue if anything happened like that (thankfully nothing did.) Yes, I would be ANGRY!!
I would be talking to the person in charge at the daycare and the parents of the child that bit yours and sorting it out. The child that did this should be disciplined so that it doesn't happen again...or at the very least apologize to your son.
Yes...I believe you should have a 1 on 1 talk with the parents of that child as well as the day care director to ensure that that type of situation will not occur any more or further more serious action will be taken...I know kids are kids...but that is not an excuse when it comes to your child being injured in some one elses care
Unfortunatly no. The daycare cannot punish the kid who did the biting no more than just time out. But u do have the voice to express ur concerns and anger with the daycare and the parents of the child who did the biting. If there was damage done then I would take it to a higher level but if no skin was broken then I would just say my words to the daycare and that parent and let it be after that. (kids will be kids, they are rough and play hard) U also can have that daycare inspected.
My daughter was 2 when she got bit by another kid at daycare. The daycare center called me and told me about the incident and adv that the other childs parents were called to come pick the child up. The daycare center can not punish the child by corpal punishment (like spanking) but they can send to time out or remove the child form the situation or not allow them to attend the center anymore. Most disipline is left up to the parents. I would not contact the parents of teh child that bit your kid: imagine if it was your child that bit another kid you would be horribly embarressed. When my daughter got bit, the parents left their name and number with the center and asked me to contact them so they could apologize. Dont be too upset, it happens.. kids will be kids. It doesnt mean they werent watched properly.. it only takes a sec to walk up and bite someone. Your son has probably already forgotten about the incident. If it happens again though, I would speak to a supervisor of the center and see express your concerns.
It's unfortunate but how do you discipline a 2 year old? aside from timeout.

The daycare should have enough people on staff to manage the kids but accidents do happen. Once it happen they should pay closer attention to the biter.

ider what you would feel if it was your child that did the biting. You'd feel terrible as I would also but aside from offering an apology.
This sounds like a problem that has been happening to my 2-year-old cousin only it's the opposite. he's the one doing the biting.
he used to bite his parents and anybody that did something he didn't like. he doesn't do it very often anymore I think they grow out of it. So for your problem I would defintely talk to the daycare about it. I won't go very far about it because that is just a stage a child goes through.
Some disciplinary action is definitely needed here. They are able to take minor actions like timeout. I would tell the daycare how concerned I am but I probably would let it ride unless this child consistently causes problems.
I run a daycare.

We are not allowed to discipline children in any manner other than verbally. And still this cannot be verbally abusive.

Or that child would have to go.

Daycare owners can get in big trouble for children getting bit. The person in charge needs to take some action, I woudl suggest the otehr paretn finding a new daycare.
A lot of kids around 18-24 month will bite. I believe they get frustrated and with a lack of words to say they just chomp on someone. It sounds horrible but it is very common. I have worked in daycare for a few years and seen this very often. the teachers should have put the "biter" in time out for a while. If the child continues to bite, multiple times or is older than 3 (they should know better by than) the school director should evaluate if the child should be asked to leave. I know it is hard for you, believe me my kids have come home with bites too but don't be mad at the child or their parents. This happens so much and we have to teach our children it is not right, that it hurts. They will learn. Hope you son is OK, take care!
I have a 2 year old myself but he isn't in daycare. If he was and it happened to him I would request to talk to the director. I would ask them who was watching the children and why they weren't able to prevent it if they were watching the children close enough.I would also ask if they displined the child with a 1 or 2 minute time out so he understands .why and that he can't bite other children...to prevent it from happening again..At this age a 1 or 2 minute time out is all the need to understand something is BAD and to prevent themfrom continuing the action.They are to young for anything else and wouldn't understand why?...
Don't take this the wrong way, but thank you, because you reminded me WHY I don't send my kids to day care. If one of my kids did this, I would punish them right then and there and put them in the corner. Then after their time out, I would have them go and apologize to the child that they bit so they would know it isn't Ok to hurt people. But from the sounds of it, the day cares can't punish in any shape or form...wow, talk about setting up kids for disaster!
only if its a huge huge issue that chidl doesn't outgrow. Generally no. Children often go through biting phases..its part of teething, it's part of showing frustration. These behaviours are usually corrected and it takes some time for a child to outgrow it sometimes. I know it angers you as a parent but it's really part of growing up at daycare. Once your chidl gets to the preschool room I am sure you will find this doesn't happen anymore.
First of all I understand your aggrivation, and you have every right to be upset. I have a 2 year old as well and would get extreamly upset when he would get bit at daycare when he was a little younger. Before and while i was pregnant I was also the Assistant Director of a child care center. And I also have an AS in Early Childhood Education. Biting is a tough stage. Once one kid starts doing it, it tends to spread around the room, so be prepared for that. The only thing that a childcare center can do is put the biter in time out. If it is continues and the owener or director feels it is appropriate (some owners don't want to loose the money) they can kick the child out of the center. When your aggrivated just remember that these are 2 year olds. They are learning to communicate appropriately and need to have patients with them. Like I said being a parent I know that is extreamly hard you are so upset that your poor baby is hurt. Also be prepared for your son to possibley start biting. Espically if he was bitten over a toy or something like that and say that the other child got what he wanted when he bit. Talk to him about using his words, (i know it sounds a little over the top, but believe me they understand) stuff like please thank you and no. Although I bet if he is anything like mine he has the no part down lol. And of course teach him to share. If parents are working on this at home and the teacher is at the child care center it should really help with whats going on in the classroom. Good luck.
I would ask you daycare what type of action was taken on the child that bit your son. You are paying this place to take well care of your son, while you are away, at work. And for something of this nature to happen in their presence would not make me very happy! I would see where that takes me. Maybe even ask for the parents of the child to call you so you could speak with them? Personally, I don't know if my child would be returning to a daycare at which a child bit my son and no action was taken to correct it.
Yes centers can do something but I have to say that I have worked in preschools and Family Child Care for 7 years and biting is a natural stage. All children will bite at some point. Talk to the teacher adn find out what child it was and if this is a pattern then ask to keep your child seperated or under a closer watch the important thing is to make sure your son doesnt start biting too.
I worked at a daycare for 2 years and kids get bit all the time...you cant really stop it for happening all u can do is tell the owner or someone that workes there that it happened and then they need to tell the kids parents who bit your kid something about it...its really just a natural thing...they had this one woman that was jumping from daycare to daycare b/c her girl was getting bit and of course she got bit again at our daycare but we explained to her thats its going to happen...

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