Tae Kwon Do for 4 year olds?

My 4 year old son just started Tae Kwon Do class twice a week and already I can see a difference in him. He has never been "bad" by any means, but typical 4 year old attitude problems, and since starting this I already see a lot more respect. Has anyone else had their child in Tae Kwon Do or a similar class? What did you think of it?
Answers:   My daughter was in karate for some years.She learned respect and discipline it was great.And her instructor awarded them for good grades in school and for staying out of trouble.If they got bad grades, she would keep them from participating in class, or keep them out of a competition.She always included some kind of lesson in her classes about positive self esteem and staying in school, it was great.
I would be terrified to let my son go to Tae Kwon Do classes. Hes not bad by any means, but Daddy teaches him enough at home.LOL But it sounds like it is really working. My brother put his 4 yr old in karate classes and he seems to be doing really well too. They all get to relax instead of fight with one another which seems a little strange to me, you take a 4 yr old into a class where he gets to learn how to kick and punch and they dont use? I might have to try this one myself. LOL

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