Can a 1 year old have Ibuprofen?

Her doctor's office is closed and she has 2 teeth coming in on the top. Her gums are so swollen and she's so fussy. Ibuprofen for children is all we have for our 3 year old. Is it safe for a 1 year old?Answers:  

a pharmacist and they will tell you the dosage you can use for the one year old since you have Children's medicine there at home.

They also make baby ambesol and even though the doctor wouldn't recommend it, a little whisky rubbed on the gums does work.
NO! I really would not suggest it. Talk to your doctor,in the mean time,give her a clean cool damp washcloth to suck on.
I would say, check the label. Read the dosages based on weight, not age. But I think doctors generally say to give them some acetomenophen anyway.
Motrin is Ibuprofen and it is safe for children over 6 months. Just go by the 1 yr olds weight when dosing her. Good Luck.
yes, you can. i have been giving my son baby Motrin since he was young for teething and fevers.
don't think so call another doctor's office
no. Seek a pharmacy and ask a pharmacist
there is infants motrin for ages 6 months and up. it goes my weight for dosage. Do not give her childrens motrin it has double active ingredients. My pediatrician said you can alternate tylenol and motrin every 3-4 hours. Hope that helps
Children's Motrin is safe for children over 6 months of age. Is it the liquid?
you can use baby oral gel or tylenol and motrine for pain and fever they worked for my 3 children
If your Doctor's office is closed try calling your Pharmacist or a nurses hot-line.

You could also try a cold ring (teething ring) to reduce swelling and offer some relief until you can get in to see your doctor. My son preferred these while he was teething and we never had to offer a pain killer.

Hope she feels better.
Yes you can get infant drops of Ibuprofen. Follow the weight chart for proper dosage and it will be fine. ALso get something like anbesol to rub on her sore gums to numb it.
I'd ask someone first! I know we were able to give tylanol.. but the doc ALWAYS told us how much! If your doc office is closed find out if your Town or Insurance has an 'ask a nurse' line. Or even call up the ER and see if you can talk to a nurse! DONT give anything until you have seen/talked to someone about it
i wouldnt do it without doctors advice...but if u call the nurses hotline they should be able to help u out...either that or send your partner out to the store for infant advil.Good Luck

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