My two year old son keeps throwing up randomly (every couple of days)?

My son keeps throwing up randomley. and doesnt have an apitie. i thought maybe it was just a fase he is going threw as far as not eating normaly. he has excessive wax billed up in his ears and has played with hisears since he was a baby. doctor says nothing is wrong but my gut is telling me otherwise. my mom mentioned vertigo but i am not sure what that is. he still is not speaking sentences but i think that is normal as well.(he just turned two) does anyone thing an ear problem would cause him to loose his apitie and throw up randomly? anyone has any ideas i would apreciate it.

the spit up won't come out to the end of the day when you take it of.

You really need to talk to your doctor about this.

The fact that he isn't using sentences isn't a big deal at all. Many two-year-olds take another few months to use sentences.

Another thing: I knew someone who had a child who kept getting sick because her refrigerator was old and didn't keep the milk cold enough - so the little kid was getting sick from bad milk.
omg!why in the world would you ask this on here?do you trust what everyone says?go or talk to a doctor!i seriously hope you have a doctor for your kid! and while you are there i seriously think you should read up on some parenting books!obviously you never read or studied on what and how to be a parent
it may have nothing to do with his ears, try looking into acid reflux or if you feel as though it is his ears, take him to another doctor and get a second opinion! good luck my daughter is on her fourth ear infection (she's 4 1/2 months old she did show the same symptoms) they are not fun!!

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