When is a good time for toddlers to start sleeping with pillows?

my 18 month old still sleeps in his crib and he sleeps great but i always feel bad that he doesnt have a pillow but im scared he'll suffocate on one if i leave one in there. when should i introduce the pillow?Answers:  

I didn't give my son a pillow until he was 22 months and he asked for one :)
And it was a small hard pillow that I had made as decoration for our couch, so it isn't fluffy enough that he can hide his face in it and suffocate.
i wouldn't introduce a pillow until he is in a toddler bed. once he is big enough and old enough to be out of the crib, then he is mature enough developmentally to handle a pillow.

take care:)
I know they dont like them to have pillows but my child has been sleeping with a pillo since 4 weeks old, introduce one when you feel the time is right, dont put a pillow case.
If he is rolling around and sitting up then now is a good time to introduce a really flat pillow but if not it's really no big deal he probably doesn't even notice.
He is old enough for a pillow now. Once babies are able to move freely and roll over well, they can have pillows and blankets. I think after 8-12 months, most babies are mobile enough to maneuver themselves with a pillow without fear of suffocation.
My son did not get his own pillow until he was 3. And it is a pillow from the couch! Do not worry about your 18 month old not having a pillow yet...he does not need one! My daughter will be 2 next month and she still sleeps in her crib with no pillow!! If your still concerned than ask your pediatrician!
Thats a good question. I have two daughters and I didnt allow my babies to use a pillow until they were 1.5 years old. I might have went over board with it but the true answer is you really need to wait until there necks have developed enough for them to be able to lift their heads up and move. Along with their necks they also need to subconsciously know when to move. A lot of infants have died due to the lack of being able to lift their head off a pillow or any vomit. That is why its always recommended to lay your baby on his/her back.

is a link with some answers of all sorts for you.
my son doesn't have one, but when he sleeps at my moms she gives him one and he loves it. I haven't given him one yet at home b/c when he steps on anything in his crib, he's tall enough to climb out. he's 18 months and has climbed out of his play pen, I am afraid he'll do that at home in his crib with a pillow...
I gave my son a pillow when he was 2 and going into a toddler bed, it made it fun for him. He wanted to sleep in the toddler bed because of the BIG BOY PILLOW. But on the other hand my brother gave on 3 of his kids a pillow in their crib at 18months. so i don't think it would be a problem. he/she might really like it. But if you need a good taktick to get your kids in the toddler bed safe it until then and do what I did. Just a sugjestion.
best of luck!
i would say if it's not broken don't fix it. if he sleeps fine with out a pillow then don't worry about it. it's probably fine but why give him one if he doesn't need it and it's just going to make you worried? my two year old does not use a pillow. she sleeps fine with out it and never asks for one, so i've just never given her one. they are probably used to not using one and there for cannot miss having some thing they have never had.
When my kids switched from cribs to toddler beds they each got a pillow. I took the kids out of the crib around 2 yrs old. Prior to that the only time they used a pillow is if they were on the couch and I was there to watch them. Now they are almost and 3 (I have twins) and they love thier pillow won't go anywhere w/ out it. Good luck
i think between the age of 12 months and 18 months is a good time to give them a pillow. my daughter is 3 years old now and she has had a pillow in her bed since she was about 15 months old. we started her off will a reall small pillow and then when she got closer to the age of 2 she wanted a normal pillow like mommy and daddy and she has never had a problem with it. she loves her pillow. when she watches movies with mommy and daddy she always wants to lay on her own pillow even though we have extras in our bed that she could use. it's just b/c its her pillow and that makes her feel good. good luck and i think everything will be fine. only give him a pillow if you feel comfortable with it.

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