How much Dimetapp medicine should I give my toddler..Please Help!!?

I tried to call the doctor and they will not page unless it's an emergency..I'm a little worried because I gave him 1 teaspoon of it, I didn't fill it to the edge, just poured a little in the center of the spoon, I figured that was alright, But my mom said it could be too much...I can't get no one to give me the correct dosage I should give him, Now I'm a lil worried..So please if anyone can give me a little information on it I'd greatly appreciate it...He weighs 33 pounds and he will be 2 in December..It says on the bottle under 6 ask physician..But they won't page him for me..Please Help!Answers:  

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just one teaspoon and it will nock them out until the morning
call poison control. 1-800-222-1222
they never mind if it's something like that
what did it say for i 6 year old divied it by 3
Dont you read the instructions on the bottle
first of all you should not be using dimetapp for a toddler until it is for infants and children. Plus it's on the bottle and box
Your little one will be fine, my son was 2 in june and I just gave him a teaspoon a couple of days ago and he weights 35 lbs...don't worry he is going to be fine...but if you are still worried can't you call the emergency room and ask them about mine you can...good luck and don't worry!!
a half teaspoon should be can call the ER and they have to give you an answer..they have whats called a help line..if they dont..and if it says "under 6 ask a doctor" usually a half teaspoon is ok..with Dimetapp, its usually every 6 more than that
call the drug store that you bought the medicine from , better safe than sorry.RIGHT!!
well, there is an infant formula that you use for children under 2. i doubt that you gave him too much considering the infant formula is concentrated so that you don't have to give them so much liquid, and my 2 year old takes almost a teaspoon of that.

i'd imagine he's fine. if he seems extra sleepy, or gets very restless, i'd call the doctor, though.
The dosage should be on the bottle. Just a word of advice for the future never use a regular teaspoon the measurement isn't the same.

is their website

well I read a little more and found this isn't for children under two.
Call your local walgreens or cvs 24 hour pharmacy, the pharmist has the computer software right in front of them and can to acording to excat weight. They are more than happy to help
The bottle of medicine should have the dosage based on the weight. Check the back of the label. Also, call a pharmacist. I know Sav-on is more than willing to help.
Call poison control. I'm sure he's alright but they'll ease you mind about it.

Just buy stuff for young kids from now on :)
He should be fine I think. He will either sleep really well or be really hyper different kids react differently
I would call your pediatrician's office or call emergency if you even remotely suspect an overdose of meds. Anytime I am unsure about dosages I always call the pharmacy for their advice. There is a correct dosage for your child's age, weight, etc...Call someone to be sure.
He'll be fine. Just go for children's dimetapp next time. When my little girl was sick we had to call the doctor late in the night and he recommended over the counter medicine in small doses.
call your pharmacy they will give you the correct dosage
he should be fine, but next time give him some tempra instead
You should call the hospital and ask them, they usually know and can give you exact amount, Dimetapp isn't nothing to play around! Hope your baby is ok! Good Luck!! I gave my lil girl who was 2 a teaspoon and gave my 1 year old a 1/2 teaspoon! But she was ok, I only gave her it one time, because I too was also scared! Hope everything works out for you and your lil one!!!!
one teaspoon and no more i have a 2 year old and her medicine is 1 teaspoon
He'll be fine. Didnt the bottle come with a measuring device? I gave my 4 yr old 10mls of dimetap the other day instead of 2.5mls by accident. He was fine.
Are you talking about Dimetapp Elixir? I read the dosage on the bottle, it said 2-4 years old : 4ml.
What do the directions on the medicine say to give?

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