1 year old bowlegged?

i have a quick question. Does anyone have a child who is bowlegged. What are the signs that your child maybe bowlegged. My father keeps telling me that my 1 year old son should get his legs broken and in braces so that he won't be bowlegged. (based on the fact that my cousin had her legs broken because of this)However when i asked my doctor about this about 6 months ago she told me that when he begins walking his legs will straigten out. He has only been walking for about a month now so i don't expect it to go away overnight. How can i reassure my dad and myself that my baby will be ok?Answers:  

hey touch then your child is not bowlegged, if there's a gap between the knees when the childs legs are straight and the feet and ankles are touching side-by-side, then he's bowlegged.
I was convinced my son was too, but he's not. Just a funny curve in his legs as a young baby.
If he is, don't worry! People with bow legs make fast runners and great athletes!
They all looked bowlegged until they start walking.
Don't worry about it. His legs will straighten out. As for your father, tell him you'd like to break his legs and put him in braces so his legs 'will be straight'. I had 3 kids and have 2 grandkids and all were 'bow legged' when they started walking. Both of my daughters model as well as my grandkids. Leave your baby alone, remember, it's not nice to fool Mothernature!!
Unfortunately, you can't. You just have to wait. Your son may stay bowlegged or he may straighten out. You're baby will be fine either way, because I'm rather certain that bowleggedness doesn't have an effect on a beautiful personality.
My first son was like that. He is 10 now and not bow legged. It will turn out fine. Dont worry. Like the doctor said, they will straighten out.
Do you trust your childs pediatrician? If you do then that should be enough to set your mind at ease.

so had a little neighbor girl who was severly bowlegged(even worse than my daughter) and now at the age of 3 1/2 she is just fine and you can not tell there ever was a problem.
All children look bowlegged when they first walk, it will take awhile before they " straighten " out. My sons leges didn't achieve this untill almost 2. but, if you think thats its getting worse or impeding his learning of walking then I would readdress the issue with your Dr. in about 6 months. At least allow that much time before getting paranoid, oe really looking for alternatives.
It's fairly common for young babies to walk like that and your dr.is right it usually does correct itself by the age 2. No worries!They don't have any experience in this field and so they do walk funny they will get the grasp of things and eventually it will go away.
my son is bowlegged!!! at 12mo my pediatrician referred me to a orthopedic surgeon. he said we have to try the brace first, it is called the dennis brown splint(i think). it has worked reasonably well on one of my son's legs. it is VERY difficult to get them accustomed to sleeping in them. my son is now 18mo and we go back to the ortho doc next week, i am very nervous because i don't want him to have to have surgery!! they say it doesn't effect the baby and there is no "health" reasons to do anything about it, correcting it is strictly cosmetic!! i would as for the referral as soon as possible to help start correcting it now and hopefully you won't have to resort to surgery!! good luck :)
My daughter was bowlegged too (and was still after walking for a while.) They straightened out fine by themselves and she's 11 now with no problems. People tried to tell me it was because I stood her up on my lap when she was too small. Ridiculous.

Go w/ your Dr, tell your dad to chill. My in-laws sis the same thing over blocked tear ducts (their son had his surgically opened) and I tried to tell them that my Dr said it would go away on it's own. They ended up taking my daughter to an opthamologist (their $) who told them the same thing.

He's just worried. Your son is fine.
My son is 12 months, has been walking since he was 9 months, and he's still slightly bowlegged.

Just tell your dad that the doctors are watching it, and it is improving on it's own, so they don't think he'll ever need surgury on them. That way, he'll feel like you did listen to his advice about getting his legs checked, and you won't have to tell him how utterly stupid he is for wanting to break a baby's legs.

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